May 17, 2022

Stop daydreaming and start planning your ideal deck or patio. Check out these stunning deck and patio upgrades that will transform your home into a summer haven for the entire family.


Island Deck

Decks do not always have to be attached to the house to provide an effective gathering and entertaining space. Floating decks, or decks set apart from a structure, are an excellent design feature for breaking up a monotonous yard. They’re also a great idea for larger yards with plenty of space for extra seating. A perfect area for the family to spend time outdoors at any season of the year.



You can keep your guests entertained and fed without ever leaving your shish kebabs unattended! This ‘grillzebo’ is ideal if you’re looking for outdoor bar ideas or gazebo plans. It’s large enough to fit most standard grills while remaining compact enough to fit on your existing patio. Lights, grill accessory storage, wine glass racks, and built-in coolers can all be added to your ‘grillzebo’.


Traditional Pergola

Create a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to provide shade for a stone patio or wood deck by mounting wood beams and lattice to precast classical-style columns. The latticework above creates a cool, relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of standing in the shade of a tree on a hot summer day and is ideal for backyard entertaining. It can also be utilized as an outdoor dining area for the whole family.



Deck with Garden Pond

A pond can be an enchanting addition to a garden, a backyard, or even a tiny patio. While a pond or water feature is lovely, there are numerous simple ways to make a gorgeous pond or simple fountain with little effort. A well-chosen plant combination can make a backyard pond appear lush and natural. In warmer climates, the colorful Day Lilies around the pond are easy to grow and bloom all year.


Living Privacy Wall

Consider building a living wall if you have a ground-level deck or patio and want to add some privacy. It can provide privacy from your neighbors, while flowers, and fresh herbs are just a step away from your kitchen or grill. The planter boxes are easy to build. A drip irrigation system ensures that your plants are watered automatically throughout the summer—no more worrying about missing a watering day or losing all of your plants when you go on vacation.