A Snapchat Group Called ‘Slave Trade’ Created by High School Students, Pretended to Auction Black Classmates, According to Reports

A high school district outside of Portland, Oregon, is investigating a student’s alleged involvement in a racist Snapchat group called “Slave Trade,” in which teenagers from throughout the United States purportedly hurled homophobic and racial slurs while feigning to auction off their Black classmates.

The administrator of Newberg High School addressed the incident in a letter to parents on Tuesday. At the same time, Oregon state legislators blasted the district’s ongoing campaign to prohibit both Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride banners in its classrooms.

Insider examined Instagram photographs of a “Slave Trade” group conversation. The photographs and message identify the suspected group chat participant as a Newberg High School student. He acknowledged his participation in the discussion and noted that it occurred two years ago in a comment.

According to the images, the Newberg High School student forwarded to the chat a picture of two of his Black classmates with the message “100$ apiece.” “I’ll take them for 150 as a pair,” another chat member said.

More images of Black teenagers were posted in the chat. Users responded with racist and homophobic terminology, labeling several adolescents as gay and wishing to murder them.

“All blacks should die,” a message says. “Let’s have another holocaust.”

Local reporter Ryan Clarke of Newberg shared images of the group conversation with names and faces obscured. According to Tami Erion, the Principal of Newberg High School, one district student participated in the group chat, which the school suspects originated in Michigan in late 2020.

Erion described the scenario as “very serious and inappropriate,” adding that the Newberg community is still grappling with issues of “diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.”

Oregon state officials, including the House Majority Leader and Chair of the House Education Committee, issued a statement condemning the school district’s new and contentious policy banning Black Lives Matter and Pride emblems.

Newberg High School students and parents have reacted to the report of the incident on social media. Clarke shared a Facebook post made by the mother of a Black student at the high school.

“It makes me weep to ever think about someone putting a photo of my precious daughter up on something so abhorrent,” the parent wrote. “It makes my heart break to see the faces of the young people who WERE put up in that group chat. And please do not ever tell me that racism isn’t alive and well in our country.”