May 17, 2022

Upstate New York authorities have turned to social media to help locate the person (or persons) in charge for shooting a dog and leaving it in a ditch. According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, the dog had been severely injured and malnourished that it needed euthanasia to get the dog out of his misery. 

The sheriff posted a photo of the dog on Facebook and on Twitter with a caption that read:

“This poor fella was found moribund in a ditch on Peasley in Berne. He was shot 2x and dumped. He was euthanized late yesterday due to the emaciated state he was in when found. Anyone with info please contact 518-765-2351. Please help us find who did this.”

Police officers tried to help treat the dog at a local animal hospital. However, these efforts appeared to be in vain. 

A press release from the sheriff’s office revealed that deputies were called to the scene to assist the animal. No one was able to identify who made the call.

The statement revealed that when deputies arrived on the scene, they found a black and white dog lying on the side of a road. The injured dog was placed into the patrol car and hurriedly brought to the emergency animal hospital for treatment. This was where deputies learned that the dog had a gunshot wound in his skull. 

The deputies learned that there was a second gunshot but were unsure if it was the wound on the skull or another area in the dog’s body.

Police are looking for information on who the dog’s owners were. 

It’s possible that he could be facing a charge against torturing an animal as mandated by Section 353 of New York’s Agriculture and Markets Law. If convicted, he can be charged with a class A misdemeanor and could face up to one year in jail.