May 17, 2022

Reconciliation rumors are swirling about “The Bachelor” couple Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell.

Weeks after James and Kirkconnell revealed they were no longer together on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose,” Reality Steve tweeted, “It’s been a while but here’s some news: Matt and Rachael? Yeah, they’re not over. They’re currently in New York together. FYI.”

Furthermore, Deuxmoi, a popular blind items Instagram account, also posted photos purporting to be of Matt and Rachael were taken by a fan who claims to have seen them in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Just weeks ago, James left the door open for a possible reconciliation on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” When asked whether he’d consider being in a relationship with Kirkconnell again, Matt said, “I don’t think that anyone’s irredeemable.”

“I think that for Rachael, there’s a lot that we didn’t discuss that we probably should’ve talked about. I probably should’ve asked more clarifying questions,” he continued. “And I’m giving her that space to do that.”

Though Kirkconnell was James’ choice at the end of their season, their love story came to an end when it was revealed that Kirkconnell had been racially insensitive in the past — and James asserted on the podcast that he didn’t find out about the situation before the rest of the world.

Saying he found out about Kirkconnell attending an antebellum-themed party and accusations of bullying via social media “just like everybody else did,” James asserted, “The tough thing is having to explain to America why those pictures are problematic to me. You hear people harping on forgiveness and I forgave her when she told me. That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed and that I don’t want her to do better.”

Kirkconnell has apologized for her actions, and said she is “learning and will continue to learn how to be antiracist.”

But could they get back together anytime soon? James, who confessed the season left him “exhausted,” didn’t sound eager to jump back in.

“I’m working on myself,” he said. “I’m not going to be dating. I’m just solely focused on getting back into that meaningful work in the community and centering myself around projects that are going to elevate all the work that I’ve been working on doing in the city, and special-interest things that I appreciate outside of reality television.”