May 19, 2022

Bella Hadid joined the Pro-Palestinian protest in New York City on Saturday to support Palestinians in the ongoing violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The supermodel on Sunday shared a collection of photos and videos on her Instagram showing her marching down the streets of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn while holding a Palestinian flag. 

“The way my heart feels … To be around this many beautiful, smart, respectful, loving, kind, and generous Palestinians all in one place … it feels whole! We are a rare breed!!” said the model, whose father, Mohamed Hadid, is of Palestinian descent. 

“It’s free Palestine til Palestine is free!!!” she added. 

Hadid joined the demonstration hours after she shared a post on Instagram of her grandparents in 1941, on their wedding day, along with a young photo of her father next to his seven siblings and their mom. Hadid mentioned that his father and his siblings were “taken out of their homes in Palestine in 1948, becoming refugees in Syria, then Lebanon, then Tunisia.” 

“I love my family, I love my Heritage, I love Palestine,” she wrote.

The two Instagram posts came after another post by Hadid being extremely critical of Israel. Her posts drew accusations of anti-Semitism from her followers. In the said post, she called Israel a land of colonizers that practice “ethnic cleansing, military occupation and apartheid over the Palestinian people.”

Many Instagram users accused her of perpetuating anti-Semitic metaphors and pointed out the mistakes in Hadid’s posts. Representatives for Hadid did not return the media’s request for comment.

Since the previous week, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a barrage of rockets into Israel, targeting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and southern Israel. Israel countered the attacks with a series of airstrikes that killed a top Hamas commander and several other senior Hamas leadership.

The State of Israel criticized the supermodel on Sunday after Hadid took to the streets in Brooklyn in support of the Palestinians in Gaza. It said, her advocacy at the height of the escalating conflict amounts to a call for the “elimination of the Jewish state.”