May 17, 2022

On Thursday, Tiffany & Co. announced that Beyoncé’s organization BeyGOOD and the Shawn Carter Foundation, founded by JAY-Z, had partnered with the jewelry luxury company to donate $2 million to five historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

The money will be awarded to Norfolk State University in Virginia, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania; the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff in Arkansas; Bennett College in North Carolina; and Central State University in Ohio as part of their “ABOUT LOVE” campaign.

To be eligible, incoming and active students must qualify for financial aid at their HBCU, with preference given to those in most need. Additionally, they must be pursuing degrees in creative professions such as visual arts, media, performance, or design, history, or communication.

The amount will vary according to the financial support required by each student.

Applications will be available on the websites of the five HBCUs beginning Friday, September 10, and will expire at 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, September 26.

“We would like to thank the Shawn Carter Foundation, BeyGOOD, The Carters, and the Tiffany & Co. family for including Lincoln University in this amazing gift,” Lincoln University President Dr. Brenda A. Allen said in a statement.

“Over the years, we have developed a wonderful partnership being a part of The Shawn Carter Foundation HBCU Bus Tour. Lincoln has placed a high priority on supporting the arts and humanities on our campus. Providing financial support for students pursuing these majors enhances their ability to more fully engage their studies,” Allen added.

The University of Central Missouri President Dr. Jack Thomas said in a statement, “We are appreciative of the support of BeyGood, the Shawn Carter Foundation, The Carters, and Tiffany & Co. This opportunity is timely as our students come from many different socioeconomic backgrounds. These funds will have a tremendous effect on who we recruit and our students’ success as they move on to graduate and professional schools and into their careers.”

Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Chief Sustainability Officer at Tiffany & Co., lauded Beyoncé and JAY-Z for “Their relentless dedication to lifting underrepresented groups is the inspiration for the About Love Scholarship program.”

Additionally, the premium jewelry brand said they will begin expanding their efforts to assist historically black colleges, universities, and other disadvantaged areas in 2022.