May 18, 2022

According to KMEL, in the now-viral tape of a Clubhouse Talk, rapper Trick Daddy, aka Maurice Samuel Young, can be heard expressing his “unpopular opinion” of Beyoncé’s overall talent.

“Beyoncé f— with her because she sees money. Beyoncé ain’t trying to give back to music or nothin’. Beyoncé doesn’t write music and barely can sing her motherf—in’ self. Beyoncé can’t sing!” He’s heard disputing as Trick proceeds to substantiate his allegations by claiming that his godmother taught Beyoncé, or Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in real life, vocal lessons during her entire career.

He later took digs at her husband, East Coast hip-hop legend and 23-time Grammy winner Jay-Z, whom he believes should not be awarded the greatest rapper alive. “I’mma say my unpopular opinion right now: Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. That’s why they are together. Jay-Z ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive. Whoever put him on a level like that?”

“That’s my unpopular opinion. Who are you? How do you feel? If you gotta walk around here worrying about how somebody else feels about how you feel, then you ain’t who you are. That’s my opinion.”

Following Trick Daddy’s harsh comments against Beyoncé, her devoted fans, dubbed the Beyhive, responded to her defense by practically attacking Trick Daddy and one of his facilities.

On Tuesday afternoon, members of the Beyhive flocked to Google to leave nasty reviews for Trick’s Sunday’s Eatery restaurant in Miami.

“Disgusting food. Seriously though. The service was so subpar. Definitely do not recommend this restaurant. They can’t even sing,” wrote Remy Overkempe.

“The food was appalling!!” added Corey Goldman, another member of Bey’s loyal fan group.

“I’ve never in my life tasted such filth. The Lemonade, on the other hand, was divine,” he added, referencing the singer’s 2016 album.

To differentiate Beyhive comments from regular reviews, they were all written alongside bee emojis.

Beyhive members continued their attacks on other platforms. Fans flooded the comments section of the rapper’s personal Instagram page and the restaurant’s Instagram account with bee emojis.

A wave of reviews on Yelp prompted the firm to temporarily block users’ ability to add content on the page.