Biden Urges Employers To Give Workers Paid Leave For Getting COVID-19 Vaccine


President Joe Biden announced today that the U.S. is getting ready to celebrate having administered 200 million coronavirus shots by today’s end. In addition to this announcement, the president encouraged employers to give their employees paid leave so they can get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

This addresses the issue of American workers who feel like they are unable to afford to get vaccinated or lose a day from work due to the symptoms they might feel after the shot. 

The president said in his speech: “I’m calling on every employer, large and small, in every state to give employees the time off they need with pay to get vaccinated. And anytime they need with pay to recover if they’re feeling under the weather after the shot.” 

The president mentioned Kroger as an example in his announcement. According to the president, the grocery chain offered its workers $100 to get a vaccine. Through this incentive, the vaccination rate among the company’s associates rose from 50% to 75%. 

The president revealed that the IRS will soon be posting instructions so employers with less than 500 workers can receive reimbursement for the paid leaves they provide for vaccinations. 

“Every employee should get paid leave to get a shot. Businesses should know that they can provide it without a hit to their bottom line,” says the president. 

When he was sworn into office, Biden set a goal of administering 100 million vaccines during his first 100 days in office. The president was able to surpass this target last month and updated it to 200 million, which will be achieved today. 

Biden also shared that 90% of Americans now reside within five miles of a facility where they can receive a shot. The vaccine is also available at almost 40,000 pharmacies. 

“There’s no excuse for not getting it done.”