May 19, 2022

As women throughout the country rallied against threats to abortion rights this weekend, including celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Top Chef stars Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons, Billie Eilish made her own statement while performing at the Austin City Limits Festival on Saturday, October 2.

Eilish, 19, spoke out against Texas’ new draconian abortion law, which prohibits abortions once a heartbeat is found and allows private individuals to sue abortion providers or anyone else who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion during her show. Eilish said that she had pondered canceling her event in Austin because of the state’s stance on the issue.

As the pop star took a minute to address the issue, the words “Bans Off Our Bodies” flashed on the screen behind her.

“I’m sick and tired of old men,” she said. “Shut the f*** up about our bodies.”

She added, “When they made that s*** a law, I almost didn’t want to do the show because I wanted to punish this f*****g place for allowing that to happen here. But then, I remembered that it’s you guys that are the f*****g victims, and you deserve everything in the world.”

As the audience erupted in applause, she continued, “We need to tell them to shut the f*** up.”

She then lifted her middle finger fiercely and shouted, “My body, my f*****g choice!”

Eilish also addressed climate change deniers, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “If you don’t think global warming exists, you’re a f*****g loser.”

The Grammy winner, who has been candid about her body image and the public’s obsession with her form, previously attacked the Texas Abortion Law in September, just days after it took effect.

It was on Instagram stories that she remarked, “I’m so f*****g tired. It makes me sick how many men say nothing when it comes to women’s rights.”