May 17, 2022

Camila Cabello was so giddy with excitement that she passed out during Monday night’s Cinderella premiere in Los Angeles. The 24-year-old Havana singer, who portrays the title role in the classic fairytale’s musical comedy’ rendition, confesses to feeling overwhelmed while speaking to a crowd.

As she took the stage with the rest of the cast at The Greek Theatre, she apologized for her tardiness, confessing, “I’m sorry, I just passed out, but I’m back!”

Camila looked stunning at the premiere in a gown with a mesh and crystal bodice coupled to a full black skirt that was belted in the front, and she completed the look with thigh-high boots. Despite appearing to be in perfect condition, it seemed as though the excitement and anticipation of seeing herself for the first time on the big screen led her to sweat.

In a video obtained by Entertainment Today, she stated on stage, “I literally just passed out, and now I’m back, and I’m ready to read my notes.”

After recovering from the incident, she continued to express gratitude to the crowd. She gushed about the ‘amazing experience’ of filming her first feature.

“Hi everybody, first of all! Thanks for being here. I wrote this down so I wouldn’t forget. All I can say is this was such an incredible experience. I believed in this movie so much, that all I wanted was to enjoy it, and not f**k it up. And I’m happy I didn’t f**k it up. And I’m grateful for everybody who believed in me enough to give me the opportunity.”

Camila began attending acting classes in preparation for her ‘dream’ part, telling Variety in 2019 that while she was delighted about the chance, it was also a bit ‘terrifying.’

“It was one of those things that felt like God handcrafted it for me and was, like, ‘Here you go.’ I just couldn’t say no. It’s honestly a dream for me. And also a little bit terrifying,” she revealed.

The UK-shot film began filming in February 2020 but was interrupted because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The actors and crew resumed filming securely in August 2020, and production concluded in October 2020.

Billy Porter plays as the genderless fairy godmother ‘Fab G,’ Idina Menzel as the evil stepmother, and James Corden as Cinderella’s mouse pal James, with newcomer Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Charming.

The film will be available on Amazon Prime on Friday, September 3.