May 19, 2022

Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Temporarily Paused In The US; Tom Hiddleston Talks About Lessons He Learned In Relationship With Taylor Swift; Pokémon Home: To Receive Update In June; Protesters March Down Millenium Park Over Daunte Wright Shooting; Chicago Firehouses No Longer Allowed To Foster Dogs

Use Of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Temporarily Paused In The US

Health authorities in the country have temporarily put a pause on the administration of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine after reports of rare blood clots on individuals who received a shot. According to reports, the vaccine was recommended for suspension for at least a few days.
The decision comes after six women under the age of 50 developed rare blood clots after being vaccinated.
In response to this, Johnson & Johnson says it will be delaying its vaccine rollout in Europe. The use of the vaccine has also been suspended in South Africa.
Janet Woodcock, the acting Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said that the suspension was expected to last only a few days. They are working to provide information to healthcare providers to properly diagnose and treat these clots.
Earlier this month, European regulators said that they discovered a possible link between the COVID-19 vaccine of AstraZeneca and the rare blood clotting problem that was similar to Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.
According to FDA official Peter Marks, the J&J cases were “plainly obvious” and “very similar” to the cases that AstraZeneca encountered.
There have not been any blood clotting cases reported from the recipients of the vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna. But it is important to note that these use different technology. These two vaccines are the ones that have been widely used in the US so far.
Immunology experts, however, say that the risk posed by Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine remains extremely low. This is a statement that US officials also say.
“Even if casually linked to the vaccine: 6 cases with about 7 million doses… is not something to panic about,” says Dr. Amesh Adalja in an email. Dr. Adalja is an infectious disease expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore.
Dr. Adalja worries that the decision to pause the J&J vaccine could lead to an increase in hesitancy to get vaccinated.
The FDA reports that there had been one death reported from the six recipients of the J&J vaccine who encountered a rare blood clotting condition. Another of the recipients is in critical condition.
The White House shared that appointments to obtain the vaccine are being rescheduled across the country. Instead, they will be using the other options for the shot.

“We have more than enough supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to continue the current pace of about 3 million shots per day, and that puts us well on pace to meet the President’s goal of 200 million shots by his first 100 days in office,” Jeff Zients, White House COVID-19 coordinator, said in a briefing.

As of this writing, 7.2 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine had been administered in the country.

Tom Hiddleston Talks About Lessons He Learned In Relationship With Taylor Swift

In case you’ve forgotten all about it, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift dated a few years ago. And today, Hiddleston gave a short look at how this romance helped him change the way he handled his career.
The Marvel actor and musician dated for a total of three months back in 2016. Rumors about their romance first started when Hiddleston was photographed wearing a tank top with the words “I love TS.”
Although this set the media frenzy on fire, some fans couldn’t help but theorize that the romance was a stint for an upcoming music video.
After the whirlwind romance, Hiddleston has kept a quiet profile. A recent interview revealed that the media frenzy over his romance was part of this decision.
The situation enhanced his popularity even more yet made him more cautious about the roles he accepted.
Hiddleston also described the romance as “a moment of consideration.”
Talking about the roles presented to him, Hiddleston shared that there were a few things that crossed his path. And while he carefully thought about them, he didn’t accept these roles when they “didn’t feel quite right.”
Hiddleston also shared that “I’d been playing so many different people in so many different parts of the world, and it’s very important to distinguish what’s real in one’s own life and look after those things.”
Hiddleston’s full interview with Empire will be available on Thursday, April 15th. You can get more insight into his realizations about life in the past few years in the interview.
Hiddleston will be returning as his famous Marvel villain role, Loki, and will be starring in his very own TV show that will air in a few months. The TV show, Loki, will be available on Disney Plus starting June 11th. He will also be starring in the new Apple TV+ series entitled The Essex Serpent.

Pokémon Home: To Receive Update In June

Good news to all Pokémon fans! The app, Pokémon HOME, is getting an update in June.
According to the announcement made by The Pokémon Company, the update will make the app compatible with different operating systems, which will expand the game’s reach to other users.
To be more specific, the update will end support for the app on older iOS and Android devices. Once the update rolls out, this means the app will no longer be compatible with affected devices. These include smartphones still running on Android 5 OS (Lollipop) and Apple devices running iOS 9, 10, or 11. It will also no longer be usable on iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.
This really isn’t a new surprise, especially since app developers are looking for ways to make their apps evolve along with the new OS updates. And with older OS devices, they are no longer capable to run new content as smoothly or fast as the new updates do.
Right now, details about the release of the update are scarce. There is no word on when the update will go live in June. In addition to this, there is no word on how big the update will be.
But considering the app developer is removing this compatibility, there is a possibility that it could be a pretty big download. It will also most likely include new features or integration that will allow the app to move on from older models.
Either way, Pokémon fans will welcome this update, especially since it will make the game run smoothly on newer devices.
Unfortunately, this is the only announcement that The Pokémon Company made. They did not reveal any information on whether or not they will still be releasing Pokémon Sleep, which was originally announced for mobile devices a couple of years ago.

Protesters March Down Millenium Park Over Daunte Wright Shooting

After the shooting of Daunte Wright earlier this week, a group of protesters gathered near the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park on Tuesday night.
The group started gathering in the downtown park Tuesday afternoon as a sign of protest for the unnecessary shooting. According to a report, there were close to 75 demonstrators who attended the event.
Apart from carrying picket signs, the group gave speeches and demanded justice for Wright, who was earlier shot and killed by a policewoman at a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center on Sunday.
The group rallied together for a march along Randolph Street before returning to the downtown park. Officials say the demonstration ended shortly.
The demonstration was held on the same day that Brooklyn Center Officer Kim Potter and the police chief resigned from their posts. Potter was the one who accidentally shot Wright after having mistaken her gun instead of her Taser.
As evidenced in Potter’s body camera video, the police officer shouted “Taser! Taser!” Because of this, investigators believe that she accidentally grabbed her gun instead of her Taser.
Despite the evidence, both Wright’s family members and protesters say that it is not an excuse for the shooting. They also pointed out how flawed the justice system is against Blacks, especially since Wright was originally stopped for driving with expired car registration.
The public is still waiting for a decision of the court on whether or not Potter will be charged in the case. A decision is expected to be made on Wednesday.
Potter has been on administrative leave ever since the incident. Despite her resignation, Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot says officials have been considering firing Potter over the incident.
Elliot says that Potter’s resignation would hopefully “bring some calm to the community.”
The mayor says that they will keep working to achieve “full accountability under the law” despite her resignation.
Potter has been with the force for 26 years.

Chicago Firehouses No Longer Allowed To Foster Dogs

Dogs are no officially longer allowed at firehouses.
The Chicago Fire Department made the decision after a firehouse dog brutally killed a dog being walked by her owner near an Englewood fire station.
The dog, known as Bones, is a mixed-breed stray that the Fire Department at Engine 116 at 60th Street and Ashland Avenue adopted.  Over the weekend, Bones, unfortunately, got out and viciously attacked a small breed pet that was walking in the area.
In a department memo, acting Fire Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt wrote: “Any and all prior permissions for dogs in the fire stations or on fire apparatuses are hereby revoked.”
The memo says that the order is “effective immediately and without exception.”
A department spokesperson shared that the majority of firehouses do not have any dogs.
Nance-Holt’s decision sparked criticism, which can be seen on their Facebook page. This prompted chief Fire Department spokesman, Larry Langford, to speak up on the issue.
“I am as sad to see the dogs go as anyone. I live near 116 and was well aware of Bones and the longtime king of the house Salty,” wrote Langford. “I also feel the pain of the neighbor who watched as Bones attacked and killed her dog while she walked it past the firehouse over the weekend.”
Langford also wrote that he wishes that the dogs could “find good homes with members.”
He believes that some of these dogs will be better cared for in a home instead of a firehouse.

“I will miss Bones as we all miss the pups but it must be done. I would hate to see another pup or worse a child attacked by one of our own.”

A department spokesman said that officials will be checking firehouses to guarantee that the dogs have been removed.
Some individuals have turned to the Facebook page to look for a permanent home that will be willing to adopt Bones.
Jim Tracy, the president of the union representing firefighters in Chicago, shared that most of the firehouse dogs were strays that firefighters picked up and the public brought. Both the firemen and paramedics take responsibility for caring, training, and feeding these dogs. They even get inoculated and spayed or neutered before they request formal permission to be kept on-site.
Usually, these requests get approved since many of these dogs may otherwise face euthanasia.

“Technically, it’s her (Nance-Holt) call,” Tracy said, “but there’s definitely a lot of firefighters that are trying to get her to change her mind and do it on a case-by-case basis.”

Tracy shares that this is the first tragedy he has heard of “in the 25 years” that he has been part of the industry.
An administrator for the Facebook group, Firehouse Pups, wrote: “I hope we somehow find a way to get this decision reversed. To those who will be taking these pups into their homes please continue to share your pictures and stories with us.”