May 17, 2022

Emma Watson, like many others, occupied her time during lockdown by learning a new skill. The actress, who is most known for her work in front of the camera, having starred in the Harry Potter franchise, as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and most recently in Little Women, discussed how she spent her sequestered days learning how things work on the other side of the camera.

The celebrity took to Instagram to share her experience “getting behind the camera” during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, characterizing it as the most “empowering thing” she learned at that time.

“Getting behind the camera and learning how it works is about the most empowering thing I’ve learned in lockdown,” she wrote.

“As a young woman, I always thought the most glamorous and exciting thing would be to be someone’s ‘muse’; and of course as women, we are inspiring… but wow, it’s something else to be able to tell your own story and other people’s.” She included photographs of herself holding a large professional camera beside her text.

Fellow actors expressed their support via comments on the article, including Reese Witherspoon, who wrote: “Yes! I love this. Go E.”

Ahead of the Earthshot Prize event, which was sponsored by the Duke of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation, Watson, who is well-known for her activism and long-standing advocacy for sustainability, returned to the red carpet for the second time.

For the event, Watson presented an award on the night in an upcycled gown conceived and produced by Harris Reed. The latter made the garment out of an old wedding dress that was donated to the Oxfam charity.

It was also an occasion for the royals to spread a message about sustainability; Prince William wore a recycled velvet jacket, and the Duchess of Cambridge decided to wear an Alexander McQueen gown that she had previously worn rather than anything new.