May 19, 2022

A leaked image online depicts a smartwatch that Facebook Inc., rebranded as Meta Platforms Inc., is developing, possibly to compete with the Apple Watch.

The image was discovered inside the Facebook View iPhone app and showed a watch with a front-facing camera and a rounded screen. The watch’s front-facing camera looks to be located at the bottom of the display, with a control button on the watch’s right-hand side. The huge display on the watch is comparable to that on the Apple Watch.

Steve Moser, an app developer, discovered the image and shared it with The Sun, but a Meta spokeswoman declined to comment.

Bloomberg reports that the image was discovered in the company’s software for controlling its new smart glasses, which were released in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Other watches on the market, such as Google’s Fitbit and Garmin’s sports-oriented offerings, frequently feature smaller, more basic displays.

On the other hand, Apple’s device lacks a camera, which some believe could make Meta’s rumored watch stand out in the market.

Like the Apple Watch, Meta’s watch may have a heart-rate monitor, according to The Verge. Meta is expected to introduce its watch in early 2022, although no specific date has been determined.

According to reports, Meta is developing three generations of items that will be released at various points throughout the year. As the image was spotted in a Facebook View glasses app, the watch may be controlled using Android or iPhone devices.

More details emerged saying that the code within the program suggests that the watch may be called “Milan” and that the camera may be capable of collecting both photographs and movies. These files can then be downloaded to a phone.

Facebook’s new name serves as a catch-all for the company’s whole operation, the app’s name will remain unchanged. Meta is currently the company’s official brand, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.