May 19, 2022


The victims of a brutal attack in a Brooklyn park have turned to social media to share their experience from a few weeks ago. The woman, her boyfriend, and their pets were involved in the altercation. One of their pets, a cat named Ponzu succumbed to his injuries on Easter Sunday. 

The incident was shared on the Facebook account of ChaRee Pim. Pim said that she posted about the incident after the Thai woman, popularly known as Chef Bao Bao online, said that she is ready to speak up. 

As shared in the post, the couple decided to take their pets (a dog, two cats, and a parrot) for an evening stroll on April 4th. Out of nowhere, a Puerto Rican boy they believed to be around 12 years old, suddenly “snatched and pulled the leash up … into the air” before the cat was finally dropped on the floor. When Ponzu tried to escape, the boy reportedly stepped on his leash. 

The cat was finally able to get away from his captor only for the couple to realize that he already had a bloodied back. They turned towards the suspect, who ran to his family. The mother then started to verbally berate the Asian couple.

The post says that the unidentified woman told Chef Bao Bao “You don’t blame me, you’re the one who was wrong. Why did you take a cat [for a walk]? This is what you [get] when you walk you f*****g cat b***h!”  

After this, the Puerto Rican family started physically assaulting the couple and their other pets. 

One of the teenage boys punched the parrot on the boyfriend’s shoulder, which flew away and landed on the street. Bao Bao hurried to take her pet before it could be run over by a car. 

The other group then laughed and the teenager pretended to kick the dog before pulling its tail and lifting it in the air. 

One of the teenage girls then physically assaulted Bao Bao, who started to defend herself at this time. Unfortunately, she was ganged on by the mother and other women who kicked, choked, pulled her hair, and even attempted to gouge her eye out. 

Bao Bao’s boyfriend was also punched by the teenage boy, causing his nose and glasses to break. 

Two gentlemen stepped in to break the brawl apart and asked why they jumped on the couple. The family answered back that the “cat hurt my son first and this b***h hurt my son too!” 

Before the police could arrive, the family hurried to their vehicle and sped away. 

The New York City Police Department has changed the assigned detective three times because no one wanted to take the case. 

Chef Bao Bao is also called Suchanan Aksornnan.