Gigi Hadid Changed Nanga Awasum’s Life ‘Overnight’ After Posting Photo of Her Outfit

The 26-year-old supermodel shared on her Instagram, a photo showing the back of NYC model Nanga Awasum on Thursday, demonstrating how she uses her platform to elevate a fellow model. “Shoutout to my NYC inspiration of the day: this queen,” Hadid wrote, adding that she “was too [drool emoji] to get a pic of the front, but she was major.”

Awasum, 23, took notice of Hadid’s post and published a full image of her attire on her own account, jokingly expressing sorrow for not turning around to face Hadid’s camera.

“It’s the way @GiGiHadid would have changed my entire life if I was only facing the right way,” she wrote in a message that got over 300 thousand “likes.”

Hadid then retweeted Awasum, writing, “You were facing the right way exactly where you were headed. Sunshine! Sending biiiiig love Nanga!”

“I am not too cool for this. I am losing it,” Awasum added in a follow-up Tweet, later writing, “My life completely changed overnight.”

She later shared her outfit and Hadid’s initial Instagram Story on her own account. “This outfit doesn’t even know its impact,” she wrote. “Gigi doesn’t even know her impact.”

Awasum told E! News on Friday that Hadid’s posts had resulted in her booking more modeling gigs than ever before — as well as more interest from agencies seeking to represent her.

“I’ve been told I was ugly, I’ve been turned down by so many agencies, I’ve been turned down by so many jobs, and just to have someone like her see me and tell me that I was pretty and tell me I was major, it changed the trajectory of my month,” she told the outlet. “After this, anything can happen.”

Additionally, she admitted that the ensemble she wore that day was not her first choice. She didn’t realize she was on the supermodel’s Instagram until she came by Zara to get a new dress and was approached by two females who recognized her. “I’m blank staring at them because the words just aren’t processing,” she continued.