May 19, 2022

The former One Direction star’s career was in chaos as he was sentenced to probation and anger-management classes on four charges of intimidating ex-girlfriend Gigi’s mother, Yolanda. His record label, RCA, also sacked him.

The singer allegedly branded Netherlands-born Yolanda a “f***ing Dutch slut” during a scorching row on September 29 at the ranch he shared with Gigi and their one-year-old daughter Khai in Pennsylvania.

A source close to Gigi’s family said, “Zayn is detached from the world, and Gigi’s family have been worried about him for a while. “

“It is no secret he loves to smoke pot, but his daily habit seems more important than socializing. He’s been open about his anxiety issues over the years, and that’s a huge cause for concern.”

“Gigi comes from a large family, and it’s been tough for them to deal with over the last few years. They want him to seek help either through therapy or some kind of specialist rehab.”

“Gigi wants what’s best for him. Even though they’re not together, he’ll always be the father to their daughter.”

Court documents assert that Zayn told Yolanda, “Stay away from my f***ing daughter,” and pushed her into a dresser, causing “mental anguish and physical pain.”

He entered a not guilty plea but vehemently denied striking her. Gigi was in Paris at the time but is reported to have overheard most of the altercation through the phone.

Zayn is then said to have turned on her, urging her to “strap on some f***ing balls and defend your partner against your f***ing mother in my house.”

According to court filings, a security guard witnessed the argument and claimed Zayn yelled at him, “Get the f*** out of my f***ing house, Copper.”

Zayn wrote in his 2016 autobiography: “I’ve been accused of misogyny in the past, for relationship stuff, and that gets to me because I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for women.”

“I think all the women I’ve surrounded myself within a professional and personal capacity would agree with that. I’ve found the whole macho world of male aggression and insecurity to be a lot more difficult to exist in. That was my first experience in the music industry. Women seem to be able to move their barriers a lot more easily. That’s something that draws me much more towards the company of women than other men.”