May 19, 2022


Another Asian man was brutally attacked Friday night in New York City. The man, identified as Yao Pan Ma, 61, was seen collecting cans when someone pushed him from behind and started stomping on his head. The incident was captured in a 13-second surveillance video in the East Harlem neighborhood of the city.

Ma is currently in a coma after being brought to a hospital after the attack.

Earlier today, dozens of people marched through Manhattan to the site where Ma was attacked.

Ma’s wife, Baozhen Chen, shares: “I’m very scared right now. I’m so worried that my husband might never come back.” 

The couple left China in 2018 to seek a better life in the United States. Ma had been employed at a restaurant as a dishwasher. But due to the pandemic, he lost his job.  As a result, Ma had resorted to collecting empty bottles and cans for money since he was ineligible for unemployment.  

Chen shared that she feels “very panicked and sad.” She describes her husband as a “very hardworking and nice person.”

The couple’s neighbors were shocked to hear about the assault and said they are “good people.” 

One of the individuals in attendance of today’s march, Jason Wu, shared that he is “family with the Chinese Asian community.” Wu says that he wants to “stand in solidarity and protect each other.”

According to reports, Ma is in critical but stable condition. 

As of this writing, the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force has started to look into the case. They are trying to identify whether Ma was targeted over his race. 

The incident is the latest attack related to the rising number of anti-Asian hate crimes in the country. A recent study discovered that there had been an increase of almost 150% of anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020. Throughout the country, New York has the highest number of reports. 

“You know, as a New Yorker, it’s really hard to watch and to see New Yorkers turning on each other like that,” shares Jo-Ann Yoo, the Asian American Federation’s executive director. 

Police have released images from the video to help identify the suspect. 

A GoFundMe account has also been started to help the family.