Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Home Alone Star Joe Pesci Reveals He Suffered Burn Injuries While Filming the Sequel

Joe Pesci recently revealed that he had “serious burns” while filming a scene for “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” He got burns on the top of his head when Harry’s hat was set on fire. He also said he was lucky at that time because he had professional stuntmen do the heavy stunts. Aside from that, bumps, pains, and bruises were also expected in doing physical humor.

Though the sequel was released 30 years ago, fans recalled the scene where Kevin McCallister runs into criminals Harry and Marv in New York. To lose them, Kevin pulls pranks on the villains in the film. One of the scenes is when Kevin’s trap puts Harry’s hat on fire. Fans of the said movie expected a lot from the sequel, and the expectations were high for the actors. They were required to do demanding tasks to ensure that the sequel would live up to the grosses of the previous installment.

When asked if he would reprise his role in another installment of the franchise, Joe said he wasn’t sure if the new installment would capture and make the audience laugh once more. He added that it’s a different time, and people’s attitudes and priorities have changed in three decades. He gave an example of how, when Donald Trump made a surprise appearance, people laughed about it. However, recently, fans of the movie have been editing to remove his scene from the movie. There was also controversy surrounding Trump’s forced appearance in the film. The production wanted to shoot in the Plaza hotel, which was owned by Trump at the time. The only way to film at the hotel was to invite him to the movie. The producers decided to cut him, but when they previewed the film in Chicago, the viewers laughed hard at that scene. So the team decided to retain his appearance in the movie instead. The sequel was the final bow for the characters, although they continued to appear in other sequels and spin-offs. The last installment of this series, “Home Sweet Home Alone,” was released in 2021 on Disney+.

Joe also remembered having a great bond with his co-stars on set; though he tried to limit his interaction to retain his character, they were all sweet and friendly, especially the then-12-year-old Culkin. Joe also took a break in the 2000s, but he came back on the big screen for his role in the 2019 drama, “The Irishman.”