Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Isiah Thomas Reignites Feud with Michael Jordan for his Remarks in ‘The Last Dance’

Isiah Thomas, a former professional basketball player, reignites his feud with Michael Jordan for calling him ‘a**shole’ in the ESPN documentary ‘The Last Dance.’

During his interview with Greece’s Cosmote TV, which has the NBA broadcast rights, he didn’t hold back to say about his old dispute with the former Chicago Bulls player, Michael Jordan. The vendetta started in the late 80s and early 90s, and none stepped up to reconcile.

He said in the interview that he was watching the documentary with his family and found the show good. But when Jordan showed up saying that he hated him and even cursed him. Thomas also said that the dispute would continue until Jordan apologized.

‘The Last Dance’ show is a documentary series that aired in 2020. The recent episode is about the rivalry between Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, and Isiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons. The ten episodes are about Jordan’s accomplishments, mainly through the 1990s. One episode showed that Isiah’s team, the Pistons, just left the floor after the Bulls won the game without congratulating them in 1991. The Pistons defeated the Bulls in the previous two conference finals en route to NBA championships. Since then, Jordan has held a grudge against Thomas. He criticized Thomas many times.

Thomas explained that there was a practice in which the defeated team shook hands with the champion, but it didn’t happen because they were asked to leave the floor. But Jordan will never believe any words Thomas says because he is convinced that whatever he says will not reflect his real actions. Furthermore, a video interview of Thomas months after their match in 1991 supports Jordan’s claim that Thomas was lying. Thomas said in the interview that walking off the floor without congratulating the Bulls was intentional because his team was upset about losing the championship. He knew what they did was ‘unsportsmanlike,’ and they knew it, but they were just emotional at that time.

Another video of Thomas in 2013 about the walk-off issue in 1991 said that it was intentional because Jordan’s team always said terrible things about them whenever they lost to Piston and even held a press conference after the match. Thomas also accused Jordan in the show that he was responsible for exclusion from the USA Dream Team in the 1992 Olympic Games in which their team won the gold medal. Based on Thomas’ interview about not being included in the team, he was hurt because Thomas knew he was qualified. Thomas was also disappointed if he was not selected because he did not shake hands with the champion.