Wednesday, November 30, 2022

James Cameron reveals Leonardo DiCaprio almost lost ‘Jack Dawson’ role in ‘Titanic’

James Cameron recently recalled that Leonardo DiCaprio’s diva-like attitude almost cost him to lose a role that made him a superstar today. He remembered his meeting with DiCaprio when Kate Winslet had already been cast to portray Rose DeWitt Bukater, one of the protagonists.

He previously wanted Gwyneth Paltrow as the leading lady, but he changed his mind when he met Kate Winslet. Cameron tested the chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet on their first meeting before casting him. Cameron’s first impression of DiCaprio was he was very charming, making women excited to meet him.

Then, after a few days, he called the then-young actor to record reading lines with Winslet, who was first got the role. However, DiCaprio was surprised and asked him why he should read the script at their next meeting, so Cameron decided to shake the actor’s hand and thanked him for coming to the meeting. Then he immediately asked the film director if he wouldn’t get the role if he didn’t read it. Cameron explained that Titanic was a big movie and wanted to avoid choosing the wrong actor. DiCaprio had no choice and agreed to read the script with Winslet. The two actors played the roles perfectly, making them the protagonists of the multi-awarded movie.

Titanic is still considered one of the biggest hit movies of all time. It received multiple awards, especially in the Academy Awards. Only Avengers: End Game and Cameron’s Avatar surpassed the Titanic in the last five years. Cameron had a total of 25 awards in different categories for this movie. On the other hand, DiCaprio is known for his role and became famous as the most influential actor of the century. The Titanic actor also received six awards for his role in Titanic.

Cameron is promoting the new sequel Avatar: The Way of Water. DiCaprio and Winslet remain friends, and Kate said in one of her interviews that she remembered that she was worried that the looks of DiCaprio might distract her while shooting. They’ve been friends for decades and supported each other. Winslet considered Dicaprio as her brother, and they even vacationed together. DiCaprio also walked Winslet down the aisle during her wedding in 2012. The two never liked each other, which may disappoint many of their fans, but they enjoyed their friendship as they were able to tease each other, which is fantastic.