Jason Momoa Admits Feeling Like the ‘Sh***iest’ Actor in a Dune Scene with Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin

It appears that the awful ‘impostor syndrome’ can strike even big-name actors like Jason Momoa, who recently opened up about a sequence he filmed in Dune. The actor, who plays Duncan Idaho in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel, discussed a sequence he shot with Javier Bardem as Stiglar and Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck.

The 42-year-old actor revealed that it was his favorite day on set, as it was the day Stiglar is introduced, despite his fear that everyone would ‘discover’ his self-perceived lack of talent.

“I’m definitely the sh***iest one in the whole room, and I was really afraid that they’re going to find out,” Momoa revealed in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

“It’ll go down in my top-five moments because I got to work with those heavy hitters.” he continued.

“I never stood and acted with that level of talent before,” Momoa stated, though he made it plain that they were both fantastic on set, though he emphasized Bardem on an entirely different level.

“We were all very close; they were so sweet. But when the scene starts, he’s a whole different dude,” Momoa said of Bardem.

“He walks into that scene with so much mana, so much power. He didn’t miss a beat, just struts right in and eyes everyone down. I’m like, ‘I can’t. This guy’s rolling in like Mick Jagger, just so much confidence,” Momoa said.

“He gets to me and looks at me, but we’re supposed to be friends, so I just have a little smile. He looks at everybody else, and that’s when he spits. It was just amazing to watch him stare down everyone,” he continued.

“Him and Brolin, they’ve done films together, so they’re great. They’re locking horns, and I’m just standing there pinching myself and praying (director) Denis (Villeneuve) is not going to go, “Uh, is it too late to recast?”‘

Duncan Idaho is the House Atreides swordmaster, pledged to guard Duke Leto Atreides and mentor his son Paul (Timothee Chalamet), with Momoa stating, “I love the idea of serving something greater than yourself.”

“I play a lot of outcasts and men who do bad things, so it was nice to play this knight who does everything for his family. I love that relationship between me and Timothée,” Momoa continued.

“I really felt like I had those men in my life when I was younger, who went off mountain climbing and explored and came back. As a little kid in Iowa, I would hear these great stories and feel excitement to get out there. I really feel like I was the explorer going out and bringing this gold back to Timothée,” Momoa explained.

Momoa is not only the star of Dune; he is also a self-described ‘uber-fan,’ having seen the film five times.

“Every time, it gets better and better. I didn’t really get to see the Harkonnen side of things on set, so every time I’m just like, “Whoa, this is unbelievable!”‘ he explained.