Jeff Bezos Slammed For Space Tourism While Amazon Employees ‘Have to Pee in Water Bottles’

Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space flight may have excited some, but television host, Meghan McCain expressed concern after retweeting a Mashable story outlining the indignities endured by Amazon employees.

“I know this space tourism is really exciting for some,” McCain tweeted. “But I just keep thinking about how Jeff Bezos employees have to pee in water bottles because they don’t get bathroom breaks and where all this money could have gone for 7 minutes of an ego stroke.”

McCain was referring to a report that recently surfaced about Amazon employees being forced to relieve themselves using bottles.

“We’re pressured to get these routes done before night time, and having to find a restroom would mean driving an extra 10 minutes off the path to find one,” an unnamed Amazon employee told Vice. Vice was told by another employee that there is an incentive to cut corners and be speedier, as the most productive drivers earn more hours.

The company initially refuted the allegations until issuing a blog apology to US Representative Mark Pocan, who had previously criticized Amazon for putting on a “progressive front” as its employees worked demanding schedules.

According to the blog article, its driver population may face issues accessing bathrooms due to remote routes or closed public restrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the firm recognized that insufficient toilet breaks are a problem for their drivers and emphasized that the issue is not unique to Amazon drivers, but is a “longstanding, industry-wide issue.”

Amazon says that fulfilment center employees have ample access to restrooms and can leave their workstations when necessary.

Following his 11-minute voyage to the edge of space, Bezos announced a $100 million donation to the foundations of CNN political contributor Van Jones and chef Jose Andres, respectively.

“They can give all to their own charity, or they can share their wealth. It’s all up to them,” Bezos stated.

“Sometimes dreams come true,” Jones replied. “The headlines around the world should be, anything is possible if you believe.”

Andres remarked, “This award itself cannot feed the world on its own, but this is the start of a new chapter for us.”