May 17, 2022

As Kim Kardashian moves on with Pete Davidson, the 42-year-old singer John Legend criticized his former friend, rapper Kanye West.

John stated his view on why Kanye West, 44, supported Donald Trump during his political campaign when speaking with author Danny Goldberg, for his book – Bloody Crossroads 2020: Arts, Entertainment, and Resistance to Trump.

“I don’t see Kanye as a political person at all. We never talked about politics. He had never voted before 2020,” Legend said of his former pal.

He went on to explain why he feels Kanye backed the former president, noting, “He saw in Trump the kind of underdog narcissist that he sees in himself.”

John slammed Kanye after reports that the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Kim, 41, has rekindled her romance with Saturday Night Live cast member Pete, 27. Kim and Kanye were married for almost seven years until Kim filed for divorce.

Kim startled fans last month when she kissed the King Of Staten Island actor during their Saturday Night Live spoof of Disney’s Aladdin. Pete played Aladdin in the scene, confessing that he may not be able to handle his lover “sexually” because she is “a lot of woman.”

“Aladdin, don’t worry,” Kim responded. “I’m sure that you’re more than enough man for me,” she said as she went in for a kiss on the magic carpet.

Rumors of a romance began to circulate after the two were caught holding hands while visiting Knott’s Scary Farm in California. Kim recently told exclusively to The Sun that Pete is “the funniest person ever” and “makes her feel young.” The Sun confirmed the two dined together in a New York City elite restaurant, and a source said she was polite to the staff.

According to a restaurant insider, “Pete arranged a dinner on the rooftop privately. It was just the two of them.” The source confirmed that the two did not arrive with security and were able to “quietly sneak in and out.”