Khloé Kardashian Slammed for Partnering With Shein, A Chinese Fast Fashion Brand Accused of Copying Designs

Khloé Kardashian launched her collaboration with Shein, a Chinese label known for its inexpensive clothing and prevalence on TikTok. Along with celebrity stylist Law Roach, designer Christian Siriano, and InStyle fashion director Laurel Pantin, Khloé will judge for the brand’s Shein X 100K Challenge, a new design competition.

Emerging designers will compete for a $100,000 award and the opportunity to be featured in Shein’s Fall/Winter 2021 virtual fashion display.

However, like many fast fashion companies, Shein — which adds roughly 1,000 new pieces every day, the majority of which are under $10 — has been accused of plagiarizing the work of independent designers and artists.

And people expressed their sentiments in the comments section of Khloé’s social media post.

“Is this a joke???? After shein knocks off small designers,” one user remarked, garnering over 2,000 likes.

“Shein is one of the most unethical fast fashion brands,” another said.

“They steal designs, Khloe. Please don’t promote them,” a third added.

Another individual highlighted the negative impact of low-cost, trendy styles on the environment, adding, “Fast fashion is bad for the environment — not cute.”

“Shein takes these issues very seriously and respects the intellectual property rights of artists and designers. We have policies and procedures in place to monitor and swiftly rectify any issues,” a company official told Page Six Style.

Kim Kardashian, Khloé’s sister, has previously fought with fast fashion companies, calling them out for copying the garments she wears in a matter of days. She even won nearly $3 million from Missguided after suing the company for allegedly using her name and likeness to sell lower-priced replicas of various outfits she’s worn.

Khloé is not the first celebrity to collaborate with Shein. Katy Perry, Lil Nas X, Rita Ora, and Doja Cat performed during the brand’s virtual fashion show in 2020.

And earlier this year, Shein hosted another virtual concert, including Nick Jonas, Steve Aoki, Maren Morris, and others. Both events benefited a charitable organization.

Representatives for Khloé did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Page Six Style.