Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Kobe Bryant’s eldest daughter, Natalia, files restraining order against a stalker

Natalia Bryant, 19, daughter of former basketball player Kobe and his wife Vanessa Bryant, requested a judge for a restraining order against a Sun Valley man. Natalia accused the 32-year-old guy of harassment and stalking as she didn’t feel safe. She filed it in Los Angeles County Superior Court last Monday. The hearing was scheduled on December 14.

Natalis is the eldest daughter of Kobe and Vanessa, who tied the knot in 2001. She has three other siblings, namely Bianka, Capri, and Gianna. However, Kobe and Gianna were among the victims of a California helicopter crash in 2020 during their trip to a youth basketball game.

The guy was Dwayne Kemp, and he reached Natalia through her social media account. Dwayne has tried contacting her since 2020, and he was alleged to have escalated the course of harassing conduct, including delusions of having a relationship with Natalia. According to a court filing, the complainant, her family, and law enforcement are concerned for her safety. There was an instance Dwayne wanted to meet Natalia and appeared at her school on the sorority house at the USC campus with flowers for her. He tried finding her building which was attending a class at that time.

The alleged stalker of Natalia sent her disturbing messages as she didn’t want a relationship or was not in a relationship. One of the messages sent to her was he and Natalia could have a child-like Kobe with her father’s image. The latest message she received from Dwayne was in October, and he apologized to her for becoming friends again. The guy’s intention is alarming as he is a gun enthusiast and planned to buy a gun such as an AK-47 and a fully automatic Glock. Dwayne also has four criminal records involving guns. He has also been sharing photos of firearms on his social media account and holding them in assault-style weapons. Natalia was terrified as the guy was trying to contact her personally.

While the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating the case, they were waiting for the court to grant a restraining order. Natalia’s request was to issue an order to keep the man away from her whenever she was at work, school, sorority, house, and car for at least 200 yards. Unfortunately, the court has yet to release its judgment on her request.