May 17, 2022

Krispy Kreme has gotten into the Halloween mood by offering special Halloween-themed treats. The doughnut chain has changed its name to “Krispy Skreme” for the spooky season, and in addition to the witchy moniker, they are also delivering four new charming Halloween-themed delicacies to their customers.

The doughnuts, which are embellished with cats, cauldrons, and witches’ brooms, are currently available at participating stores across the United States.

Two of the four new delights are prepared with the classic Krispy Kreme doughnut base, while the other two are made with a different doughnut base. The Abra Cat Dabra glazed doughnut is decorated with an iced cat. At the same time, the Spooky Sprinkle Doughnut, an original glazed doughnut, has been dipped in orange icing and dusted with Halloween-themed sprinkles.

The Enchanted Cauldron Doughnut, a glazed chocolate cake doughnut, was embellished with a frosting cauldron and a pretzel “broomstick” for enthusiasts who want a chocolate treat. The Bewitched Broomstick Doughnut is the only unglazed choice. It is an unglazed shell doughnut with purple and green icing, gold stars, and a pretzel “broomstick.” All new flavors are available in limited quantities.

“Krispy Skreme” is also offering price reductions that will have fans cheering rather than screaming. In addition to the new menu items, For the first time on Saturday, consumers who purchase a dozen doughnuts will be able to buy an additional dozen for just $1. The $1 dozen doughnuts will be packaged in a special spellbook-style doughnut box for the “Saturday Scary Sharies” promotion, which will be available only on October 16, October 23, and October 30.

Are you concerned that you will miss out on the “Saturday Scary Sharies”? There is nothing to be afraid of! The first 100 customers who come into a Krispy Kreme on October 31 while dressed in their Halloween costumes will each receive a free doughnut.