May 17, 2022

Several TikTokers have attacked Kylie Jenner’s new swimwear line for being “see-through” and unsuitable for general wear.

Kylie Cosmetics founder and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner first revealed the launch of Kylie Swim in August. At the time, the business launched an Instagram account with a Polaroid photo of Jenner wearing what is now referred to as the Caicos bathing suit on the website.

The line debuted on September 17 and included four cutout swimsuits priced between $80 and $85, two bikinis sold in separate pieces for $45, a selection of sarongs priced at $45, and three swimwear items for children priced at $60. Three goods have already sold out.

Since its release, critical reviews regarding the bikini have been circulating on TikTok, most of which focus on the swimwear’s material quality. A TikToker with the username @briannaxrenee shared a video on Wednesday of herself unwrapping the Caicos bathing suit. As of Thursday afternoon, the video has accumulated over 15 million views.

She films close-ups of the seams in the video, which appear to have uneven stitchwork and tears. At one point, she puts the bottom half of the swimsuit up to the light to demonstrate the clothing’s absence of lining.

Jessica Anderson, also known as @tinytello on TikTok, released a two-part critique on the app. The second video, which has over 4.1 million views, discusses her feelings after purchasing a neon-yellow swimsuit from Jenner’s August line.

“I’m completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see-through,” she adds. “The fact that no one caught that this is completely see-through blows my mind. I’m sure they did because they had to Photoshop some of their photos to make this work.”

Anderson continues, “For me, it comes down to lack of integrity as a business owner and an entrepreneur. When you put something out, you want people who are spending their hard-earned money on it to be a good high-quality product.”

Another shopper, Laura Lee, who goes by the TikTok handle @laura88lee, purchased the sunset-colored Cut It Out swimsuit. According to her evaluation, “right off the bat, it feels like the tiniest piece of cloth.”

While she describes the accompanying sarong as “pretty nice,” she adds that she would need it to assist conceal her appearance because “the whole swimsuit is see-through.”

“One sudden move, everything is going to be out,” she says. “I won’t be wearing this anywhere. It looks cute on, but it’s not practical.”

Jenner launched her swimwear collection a week before launching her new business, Kylie Baby, on Tuesday. According to a press statement from Coty, Kylie Cosmetics’ parent business, the collection is touted as “safe, gentle, clean, and conscious” baby care products.