May 19, 2022

The search for $10,000 in cash stashed away in the Utah mountains is finished. John Maxim and David Cline launched the second Annual Utah Treasure Hunt last month, and the treasure was discovered just 17 days later.

Andy Swanger, 33, of Draper, Utah, told Fox News that he discovered the buried chest — which contained $10,000 cash, a 10-ounce silver coin, and other valuables — on Monday at 2:00 p.m. at a location called Heughs Canyon Trail near the entrance of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah.

Swanger told Fox News that he and his wife had been looking for the treasure on Sunday and had come close to finding it but had to call it a night.

“I woke up yesterday morning, and I just had a feeling like it’s right there; it’s got to be right there,” Swanger said. “So I just got up and went out, kind of retraced our footsteps and went a little higher, and I was standing on top of it for a few hours. It was crazy.”

Swanger was taken aback when he discovered the treasure buried beneath a dead tree. Even now, it hasn’t dawned on him that he won.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “It’s been like nonstop just getting messages … It’s kind of overwhelming and humbling.”

He intends to use the $10,000 cash to pay off bills and possibly send his daughters to Disneyland. He stated that he would be on the lookout for Maxim and Cline’s next major treasure hunting event.

“They’re really doing good stuff for the community,” Swanger said.

Maxim and Cline established the first Utah Treasure Hunt last year with a $5,000 cash prize to boost morale and encourage people to get outside.

Though they believed the 2020 treasure would remain concealed throughout the summer, it was discovered only four days after they began the search.

They attempted to make it more difficult and doubled the prize money for this year’s tournament. Cline told Fox that the 2021 hunt drew up to 1,000 participants, with treasure hunters traveling from as far away as Hawaii.