May 17, 2022

Thomas Markle Jr. is not a fan of Meghan Markle, his half-sister. In the first teaser for Australia’s ‘Big Brother VIP,’ Thomas, 55, refers to the Duchess of Sussex, 40, as ‘very shallow.’ Thomas is one of 12 ‘celebrity’ contestants on the show.

Thomas refers to himself in the teaser as “the largest brother of them all” and boasts of having warned Prince Harry not to marry his half-sister Meghan.

“I told Prince Harry, ‘I think she’s going to ruin your life,'” Thomas says as a video of him stepping out of a limo plays. “She’s very shallow.”

Ahead of the couple’s May 2018 royal wedding, Thomas, who shares father Thomas Markle Sr. with Meghan, wrote a scathing handwritten letter to Harry, now 36, warning him that it was “not too late” to turn back.

Additionally, he wrote that Meghan was “obviously not the right woman” for Harry and that the “Suits” star was acting “the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress.”

It was publicly known that Thomas was not invited to the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry, so was his sister, Samantha Markle, who has been vocal about her estrangement from Meghan.

‘Big Brother VIP’ is not the first time Thomas has used his half-sister’s name and celebrity status to gain attention, and it is unlikely that this will be the last time.

He has appeared in a beer advertisement alongside a Meghan lookalike in 2019, where he attempted to steal Queen Elizabeth II’s crown in Buckingham Palace but instead chose a case of beer.

“I don’t think anyone would be upset by it. It’s not going to piss anyone off,” Thomas told The Post at the time, implying that Meghan and the members of the royal family would find the advertisement humorous.

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