May 19, 2022

It appears as though the Kutcher-Kunis family is economizing on soap use. When the topic of bathing came up on a recent edition of Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher confessed that they save a lot of money on soap.

After Kunis admitted that she had “horrible skin” for the majority of her life and had “multiple rounds” of the acne medication Accutane but couldn’t resolve her acne until after giving birth and getting her “hormones balanced in the right direction,” the conversation shifted to bathing and showering.

Shepard explained that he has been attempting to persuade co-host Monica Padman to quit washing her entire body with soap daily and instead focus on specific places, such as “soles and holes,” to preserve the body’s natural oils. Kutcher and Kunis concurred, stating that they only wash vitals on a daily basis.

Kunis agreed with Shepard, stating that she does not wash her “body with soap on a daily basis” but instead concentrates on the essential parts.

Padman was taken aback to discover he was in the minority of people who did not wash their bodies daily and said, “Who taught you not to wash?”

“I didn’t have hot water growing up as a child, so I didn’t shower very much anyway,” Kunis explained, noting that her casual attitude toward self-care stems from a lack of hot water as a child. However, she stated that she washes her face twice daily.

“I wash my armpits and crotch daily and nothing else ever,” Kutcher explained. Additionally, he “has a tendency to throw some water on his face after a workout to get all the salts out.”

And the same is now true for her and Kutcher’s two children, Wyatt, six, and Dimitri, four.

“I wasn’t that parent that bathed my newborns, ever,” Kunis said.

And, as they grow older, Kutcher explained, they’ve developed a method.

“If you can see the dirt on them, clean them,” he said. “Otherwise, there’s no point.”

If Kutcher ever travels to space, we know one critical item he will almost certainly leave behind.