May 17, 2022

Miley Cyrus’s much-loved breakup anthem “7 Things” turns 13!

To commemorate the occasion, the 28-year-old singer urged her fans on Thursday to assist her in locating the teen girls featured in the song’s popular music video. Cyrus said on Twitter alongside a video of some of the girls: “where are they now? Twitter do your thing.”

Twitter sleuths responded quickly with their best guesses. Nicola Peltz, who is engaged to Brooklyn Beckham and has been in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Avatar: The Last Airbender, has been identified as one of the teens.

Others speculated that the music video featured a young Liana Liberato, who is most known for her appearances in If I Stay and the Hulu series Light as a Feather. Neither of the two has confirmed their involvement.

Cyrus, of course, couldn’t pay homage to the song without naming Nick Jonas in a picture from the 2008 music video, in which she holds up a snapshot of the former pair with his face wiped out.

Cyrus also included a statement from her 2009 memoir, Miles to Go, in which she admits to being “angry” while writing “7 Things.”

“My heart knew from the start that it was going to turn into a love song,” she explained. “Why does he get a love song? Because I don’t hate him. I won’t let myself hate anybody. That’s not the way my heart works. It’s a song about how I should hate him, but I don’t, and I don’t know why.”

Another scene shows her breaking a guitar during the music video shoot and snippets of her performing the song live on stage.

Cyrus was previously engaged to Chris Hemsworth. The house they shared in Malibu, California, was devastated in November 2018 by the terrible wildfires that ripped through the southern part of the Golden State.

Cyrus first met Hemsworth on the filming of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic thriller The Last Song in 2009. They astonished fans in December 2018 when they married in an intimate ceremony at their Franklin, Tennessee, home. However, they announced their split in August 2019 after nearly a decade together and less than a year of marriage.