Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Million of Fans Tried to Purchase Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Concerts

According to Ticketmaster, the ticket-selling platform for the US tour of Taylor Swift canceled the public sale due to the high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory. Her anticipated concert sold two-million presale tickets for identified groups only. In addition, Ticketmaster was bashed because of crashing the website and the long wait upon booking a ticket. Liberty Media said that 14 million people tried to buy a ticket which was the cause of the delay. Her 2023 tour has 52 dates so far.

Taylor Swift is too famous, and many people wanted to see her sing live. She maintained popularity despite changing her genre and style from country to pop. Since the pandemic, Swift has released two albums, and the forthcoming concert celebrates her continued artistic growth. She has proved to everyone that she has talent and a voice. Unfortunately, since she has many fans, even the football stadium is not enough to accommodate them. They need a bigger stadium for a demanding concert like this. Her ticket prices are high, but these people are willing to spend money on her since her last tour was in 2018, the ‘Reputation’ era. In addition, this concert will include all of her albums during the pandemic, especially ‘Midnights,’ which was released lately and had the biggest debut of her career. However, Swift’s team did not promote her concert or have any audience engagement on her social media. Nevertheless, the fans are very interested in attending her shows because of the ‘puzzles’ and ‘secret messages’ behind her songs.

The selling company said the presale ticket was released in advance to her followers or ‘verified fans.’ The Ticketmaster said a presale for fans with credit cards was scheduled for the following day. Though the website crashed because of users trying to book a ticket, only 15% of individuals were affected since they still sold more than two million tickets in one day. The Ticketmaster called the tour’s demand ‘historically unprecedented.’

However, on the public sale, the site worsened, leading the company to cancel ticket sales. The company pledged to improve the experience of using the site. This will prevent the scalpers from taking advantage of Swift’s concert. The fans who were excited about the show were warned about buying tickets that offer a good deal but might actually be a fraud. theThere Ticketmaster hasn’t released the exact schedule for public selling, and the number of unsold tickets remains.