May 17, 2022

Swimsuit model and former Miss USA Olivia Culpo detailed her traumatic experience with JetBlue on Friday after her dog was denied boarding.

Culpo shared an emotional series of photographs and videos on her Instagram Story following her dog’s denial of access to her flight. The 29-year-old stated that she was returning home to see her parents, who had both contracted COVID-19.

Culpo appeared to be in a good mood as she captioned a mirror picture taken inside her home, which included her and her small dog Oliver next to her suitcase.

“Hard to believe, but we’re headed back to the airport today,” Culpo captioned the pic.

Things took a turn for the worst when the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model shared another selfie, this time with tears streaming down her face while standing in the airport.

“When both your parents have COVID, and you’re trying to get home to help them, but suddenly your dog who was already pre-approved is not allowed to fly with you. I have never wanted to be this person, and I have always been the hugest @jetblue fan, but I am just soooo so so upset right now. He has flown on this airline so many times, and it’s never been an issue,” Culpo wrote.

Later that month, the former Miss USA tweeted two throwback images of her dog on two separate JetBlue flights.

“On another JetBlue flight that month….I just really don’t get it,” she captioned the pup’s second photo. Culpo even recorded herself speaking to her camera phone. Her face was dripping with tears.

“I’m feeling a little bit more calm. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a crying escapade at the airport, but it’s just the worst experience ever. And I just want to be able to go home,” she said, shaking her head in disapproval. “I used to be such a big Jet Blue fan. So was Oliver. He’s flown so many times on that airline.”

The airline did not explain in a statement to Fox Business on Saturday why Culpo’s dog was banned but speculated it could have been due to the dog not being a trained service animal.