May 19, 2022

Good news to all Pokémon fans! The app, Pokémon HOME, is getting an update in June.

According to the announcement made by The Pokémon Company, the update will make the app compatible with different operating systems, which will expand the game’s reach to other users.

To be more specific, the update will end support for the app on older iOS and Android devices. Once the update rolls out, this means the app will no longer be compatible with affected devices. These include smartphones still running on Android 5 OS (Lollipop) and Apple devices running iOS 9, 10, or 11. It will also no longer be usable on iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.

This really isn’t a new surprise, especially since app developers are looking for ways to make their apps evolve along with the new OS updates. And with older OS devices, they are no longer capable to run new content as smoothly or fast as the new updates do.

Right now, details about the release of the update are scarce. There is no word on when the update will go live in June. In addition to this, there is no word on how big the update will be.

But considering the app developer is removing this compatibility, there is a possibility that it could be a pretty big download. It will also most likely include new features or integration that will allow the app to move on from older models.

Either way, Pokémon fans will welcome this update, especially since it will make the game run smoothly on newer devices.

Unfortunately, this is the only announcement that The Pokémon Company made. They did not reveal any information on whether or not they will still be releasing Pokémon Sleep, which was originally announced for mobile devices a couple of years ago.