Pokémon Oreos with the Legendary Pokémon Mew are Being Auctioned off on eBay for $100,000

Pokémon fans are scouring their Oreo cookies for the elusive Mew, and eBay vendors are hoping to cash in on the craze by selling Mew-themed items.

Oreo unveiled its Pokémon cooperation last month. Each of the cream sandwich cookies features a different Pokémon design on the chocolate wafers. There are a total of sixteen drawings, including Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu — but also the elusive Mew, a legendary psychic Pokémon.

Oreo labeled the Mew cookie in the collection as a “super-rare Mythical Pokémon,” noting that each package contains a “random variety” of patterns.

In the United States, a family-sized pack of Pokémon Oreos sells for $3.59 at Target. On the other hand, Insider discovered over 6,000 listings for the Mew biscuits on eBay, with dealers offering prices ranging from a few dollars to a whopping $100,000 per cookie. The costs appeared to be determined by the condition in which the cookie was now in as well as the packaging it was delivered in.

The $100,000 “rare mew Oreo” comes packaged in a plastic bag. However, it is unknown whether the condition of the $100,000 cookie is significantly better than the second-most expensive Mew Oreo on eBay, which was represented as an “absolutely perfect” brand-new Oreo for $69,000.

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The Pokémon video game franchise began in February 1996 with the release of the Nintendo Game Boy platform.

Decades later, the collectors’ item Poké-craze continues. In conjunction with the series, jet jets, consoles, and automobiles have been released. Sales of Pokémon-related items, films, games, and television shows are anticipated to exceed $100 billion.

Rare Pokémon card trading is a multimillion-dollar industry, with tournaments selling about 2.1 billion cards in 2016. DJ Steve Aoki and influencers such as Logan Paul have taken up the habit — with Aoki is bidding $220,000 for a first-edition Charizard card and Paul opening super-expensive decks of the cards on his YouTube channel.