May 19, 2022

Minneapolis police have identified a man whose remains were discovered on Thursday in several places throughout the city.

The remains of Adam Richard Johnson, 36, a Minneapolis resident, were discovered in two locations around two blocks apart in the city’s northeastern district, authorities said Friday.

A county medical examiner’s office has not yet identified the manner and cause of death. Still, detectives believe this was a homicide and are conducting an investigation as such, Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told CNN Saturday, without providing any details.

According to Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder, the first set of body parts was discovered in a grassy area near the Mississippi River Thursday morning. According to CNN station WCCO, the bones were found by a pedestrian.

While officers were doing their investigation, they discovered a second set of body parts a few blocks away, officials said.

Even on Thursday, investigators assumed both sets belonged to the same person, Elder said, adding that the individual looked to have died recently. However, several body parts remained missing. Elder said Thursday night that search dogs were brought in, but no additional remains were discovered.

Authorities believe it was a lone incident of violence.

“There’s zero reason for us to believe that this is any pattern,” Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said at a Friday night news conference.

Since May 1, according to Hennepin County Sheriff Jail records, someone matching Johnson’s identity and age has been arrested at least three times. According to the most recent record, he was released on June 10 after being detained the previous day on accusations of escaping the police, impeding an officer, and disturbing the peace.

According to jail records, Johnson was detained on May 22 for allegedly flinging or spreading “body fluid or feces” onto a transport operator. Additionally, Johnson was detained on May 1 on allegations of purportedly inflicting “intentional damage” and disorderly conduct by the Metro Transit Police Department.

Police were asking for public assistance in cracking the case.