Orders are fulfilled in the following manner:

Once customers agree to their advertising orders with us over the telephone, we send a confirmation email stating the amount of money for our service, including specific details about the order, including as the length of duration, how many estimated readers for their market audience they will be reaching with their advertising and any additional information helpful to understanding orders.

Customers will be sent a sample proof of their article/profile before publication, so they can review and/or edit and make changes. Once approved the article will be shared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Customers articles will appear inside trending news stories on a monthly basis for one year (12 insertions). In addition, we will share customers articles direct to social media users as well. 

Credit card payment information must be provided in advance of our work, but will not be charged until article proof has been sent by us and agreed to by the customer.

Refunds are not available after customer has agreed to the ad design. If any disputes or complaints arise we will make every attempt to resolve the matter in good faith. We request customers inform us of any issues before making a dispute with your credit card company.

*Privacy Policy:  We never sell or share customer emails or data with any 3rd parties. The use of your email is only for information about Local Trending News service and can be unsubscribed to at anytime.