Your business can be part of today's top trending articles being clicked on social media networks. It's never been easier to maximize exposure to your advertising while reducing your cost in advertising.

Local Trending News has a 3 step process that guarantees your advertising gets in front of 10s of thousands of right people on a monthly basis.

Our articles are published on our website with our clients advertising inserted, and then shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each advertiser is geotarget coded so that only their customer base area sees their ads when we post our articles.
With Local Trending News you get the same powerful and entertain news stories that outlets like TMZ, People, CNN, Fox and other major networks provide. These stories are what social media users like to read more than other posts.

Here's how it works.. And why it works well.

1) Our editorial staff reviews what topics and issues are trending and being clicked more often than other articles. To a certain extent, we know which celebrities and breaking news will get heavy traffic.

2) After identifying what the top trending news stories are, we put together our own original article with photos and images.

3) We then include our client's ad copy within our articles and share them with the audience target they want to reach!

3 Months $395

6 Months $595

12 Months $895

Complementary ad design   • Invoice upon request • 5% prepaid discount on credit card • Monthly reporting on demand