May 17, 2022

Reid, the host of MSNBC’s “The Reid Out,” shared an opinion piece by Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin on Monday. The op-ed,  “Republicans Now Stand for Lawlessness and Disorder,” slammed Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas for signing an abortion ban.

“This is a law designed not to ‘protect life’ (a farce, given that protecting innocent life had taken a back seat when covid-19 restrictions were at issue), but rather to create fear and uncertainty for women and healthcare providers,” Rubin wrote. “Will miscarriages lead to a lawsuit from a nosy office worker seeking to cash in on the reward? Will abortion bounties become a weapon in divorce and custody cases? No one knows — and that is the point. The law seeks not to protect the fetus in any systematic way but rather to intimidate women, making them into cash cows for spiteful anti-choice busybodies.”

Reid reposted Rubin’s tweet and added her own commentary on the issue.

“So now Texas Republicans are putting bounties on pregnant women. I almost hate to ask what this benighted party will think of next,” she said. “This is Talibanism. Are Texas conservatives going to be spying on women of childbearing age and turning them in for the bounties?”

The comment about “abortion bounties” refers to a provision in the bill that allows private citizens, including those from outside Texas, to sue private doctors or clinics for providing abortions outside the six-week ban and recover financial damages of up to $10,000 per defendant if the lawsuit is successful. This lawsuit is not directed against women who have undergone abortions.

Rubin has criticized recent legislative moves in Texas to enact voting reform, asserting that they “have everything to do with making democracy as arduous as possible for those with the fewest resources.”

“In short, Republicans are taking refuge in Kafkaesque rule-making that empowers individuals and state authorities to harass, intimidate and confuse Americans attempting to exercise their fundamental rights.” Rubin surmised. “The law becomes a partisan tool to wage against opponents and to further otherwise unpopular social objectives (e.g., criminalizing abortion).”