May 19, 2022


Grey’s Anatomy fans are celebrating today after the show’s producers released a promo for an upcoming episode.

In the promo, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is seen driving through a storm and appearing at the front door of his ex-wife April Kepner (Sarah Drew), who is holding their daughter.

“Alright, I know this seems impulsive and out of nowhere, but it’s not,” Jackson says to himself. “I’ve thought this through.”

The promo then starts to bring up flashbacks of the couple’s unforgettable moments together throughout the series.

Avid fans can’t help but be excited that Drew is making a comeback to the series on its 17th season.

On Twitter, fans couldn’t help their excitement. One user wrote: “JAPRIL THE REUNION IS COMING.”  Japril is a play on the name of the characters Jackson and April.

Unfortunately, the episode doesn’t seem to hint at a Japril reunion. On the last episode that aired on April 15th, Jackson drove out to visit his father’s house in Bozeman, Montana, after questioning his activism after the protests involving George Floyd’s murder in Seattle. But this doesn’t mean fans won’t be seeing April in the show at all.

The actress, 40, shared the first look of her character’s return on Twitter. The post was shared almost a month after reports that she would be reprising her role for an episode in this season.

Together with the photo, Drew wrote: “We have a date! April is back on @GreysABC Thursday, May 6 at 9/8c on ABC!” The photo shows April wearing a hoodie and holding a wine glass while talking to someone. Many can’t help but hope that mysterious person is her ex-husband.

Drew played the role of Dr. April Kepner from 2009 until 2018. Meanwhile, Jesse Williams has been on the show from 2009 until the current season.