May 17, 2022

Today’s brash, thought-provoking and heavily opinionated conservative and liberal media celebrities Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow are in the process of being solicited through their agents to have a zoom debate before the end of the year

The debate will be a way to find healing and understanding in today’s rather divisive political and cultural climate.

Let’s face it, you can love them, or hate them, but their likeable to their side’s audiences. It’s about time they come together and hash it out in a national debate.

Too often there’s a anger, a rage – a disdain for the ‘other side’ in politics. These two coming together and talking about the issues will show how two people, who may strongly disagree, can come together to show respect, kindness and have a positive dialogue.

  1. We want to know who you think would win this debate?
  2. We also want to know what issues you’d like to see covered?
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Right now we are in the planning stages and raising funds for their speaking engagement fees, as well as putting together our pitch for their respective agents.

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