Saturday, April 1, 2023

Shania Twain Shared Being Airlifted to Hospital due to Pneumonia, Covid

Shania Twain talked about how scary it was to be flown from her home on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland to the hospital because she had pneumonia. Twain realized that her health was getting worse and that she was in science fiction, going to another planet, and everything happened slowly.

Twain added that her husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, was terrified and freaking out at that time but remained strong through the entire ordeal. Her husband spent hours every day on the phone trying to find a bed and room for her at the nearest hospital before she was airlifted. Hospital beds for COVID patients were very limited at that time because the disease was very new to medical experts. When they got to the hospital, she was put in a separate room and given plasma therapy to develop antibodies against the illness. Since the virus still had no cure when she acquired it, the deadly COVID was very dangerous and scary.

Though it took several days for her to recover, she was very grateful for making it, and thankful to her husband for taking care of her. Twain also recalled that if she had been living alone, things might have been more difficult. She was also worried about people who don’t have a support system to help them receive proper medication.

The country singer is back and will release her new album soon. The experience inspired her to write a song titled ‘Inhale/Exhale Air.’ Twain said it is a song of gratitude and appreciation because she is still breathing and have air in her lungs.

The last time she had a major health scare was in 2004, when she had Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick while she was horseback riding in Virginia. She was worried that she would never sing again because Lyme disease had damaged her vocal cords. Twain could not sing for seven years, but she underwent throat surgery to strengthen her nerves. She also had physical therapy and learned how to sing again. After a series of treatments, she finally bounced back. As a singer, her voice plays a huge part in expressing herself; if her voice was damaged, it would have been devastating in many ways.

In an interview, Twain said that she is enjoying her life now.

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