Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Simon Cowell Wants Britney Spears to Work with Him Again

Simon Cowell wants to work with Britney Spears again after they both became judges alongside Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid on ‘The X Factor USA’ in 2012. Both Spears and Lovato replaced judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul on Season two of the said show. Tate Stevens was declared the champion of that season. That was the time when Spears was still under her father-run conservatorship. 

Cowell pleads Spears to join him in one of his talent shows as she has this ‘super smart’ side that people are unaware of. She has lovely ideas on how they will launch someone’s career and change their lives which is critical if you are on these shows. Spears can now decide for herself after being free from the legal arrangement governed by her family in 2021. Cowell recalled that he and Spears spent a long talking over the phone about X Factor before they started to become judges. The Syco founder also said he had a great relationship with the 90s hitmaker. He thinks this is the perfect timing to reunite with her on his other show.  

Cowell also revealed that he offered Max Martin a Mercedes 500 SL to get the rights to the megahit debut single ‘Baby One More Time,’ and thought Britney Spears, who was 16 then, had no chance to become successful. Martin responded to him that the song was promised to someone else. 

Comments were asking if Spears liked to work on X Factor before as she couldn’t decide on her own at that time. There is also a comment that there is a possibility that Cowell is inviting Spears for publicity and she would return to the program that reminds one of the painful parts of life since joining it was not her decision. Though the court suspended the conservatorship, Britney’s legal representative, Matthew Rosengart, filed a motion for sanctions of contempt against her father, Jaime, and his legal team for their smear campaign against Britney and violating court orders. Attorney Rosengart accused Jaime and his legal representatives of disclosing his client’s medical records to humiliate and intimidate Britney, which are deemed confidential. Her father was assigned as her guardian in 2008 due to her mental health problems. But Britney filed a suspension because of the alleged abuse she has been experiencing from her father. Many supported Britney through the #FreeBritney campaign, and finally, in 2021, a judge suspended her father from the legal arrangement giving him the power to control her life.