Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Still Friends: Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Have ‘No Bad Blood’ After Breakup

On Friday, several sources close to the couple confirmed to People that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles had ended their relationship. Sources claim that despite their separation, the former couple is still friends.

“He’s still touring and is now going abroad. She is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A.,” one of the People sources said, providing the world with a quick glimpse into the reasons for the couple’s breakup/break/conscious uncoupling. “It was a very amicable decision.”

“There is no bad blood between them. Harry did not dump Olivia or vice versa,” a source told Page Six exclusively. “This is the longest relationship Harry has ever had, so they have a special bond.”

According to the insider, the difficulties of long-distance dating contributed to Wilde, 38, and Styles, 28, calling it quits after nearly two years of dating.

“They’re on a break. It’s impossible to have a relationship when he’s in every continent next year, and Olivia has her job and her kids,” the insider added. “This is the right thing for both of them.”

According to another source, Styles and Wilde are splitting up as he embarks on a South American tour, and she heads to London to work on a documentary. They were preparing to spend time apart while Wilde was at Styles’s concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

When asked why Wilde brought her kids to the show, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, whom she shares with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis, the first insider says, “They’re friends; you’ll still see them together.”

The second source explained, “Things have been challenging for them as a couple because of Harry’s tour, while Olivia needs to spend time with her kids in London, where they are with Jason.”

The couple endured considerable conflict leading up to the premiere of their movie, ‘Don’t Worry Darling,’ concerning an alleged conflict involving co-star Florence Pugh. While this was happening, Wilde and Sudeikis, 47, were engaged in a very nasty custody dispute. Wilde denied it, but most fans thought she dumped Sudeikis for Styles.

“The complete horses–t idea that I left Jason for Harry is completely inaccurate,” Wilde told Vanity Fair in her October 2022 interview. “Our relationship was over long before I met Harry. Like any relationship that ends, it doesn’t end overnight.”

When Styles and Wilde were spotted holding hands at the wedding of the former One Direction manager in January 2021, Page Six first reported that the two were dating.