May 19, 2022

Jack Callahan, 19, was arrested Monday hours after his mother called Duxbury police at 2 a.m. to report that he had returned home and said that his father, Scott Callahan, 57, was missing, according to Police.

The younger Callahan, dressed in damp clothes, informed his mother, Wendy, that he was unaware of his father’s whereabouts despite riding in an Uber together from Boston to Duxbury.

According to the Police, Jack said he blacked out after being struck multiple times by his father at Crooker Memorial Park, where Scott Callahan’s body was discovered in Island Creek Pond.

The prosecutor said that the autopsy revealed that Scott had water in his lungs and an abrasion on the back of his head.

“He believed he was baptizing his father,” Plymouth County District Attorney Shanan Buckingham said in court Tuesday. “He was holding his father in the pond on his back like a baby and that he continually dunked his head under the water about four to eight times.”

“When Scott choked and resisted, his son reportedly struck him and slammed “his head back down” into the water,” Buckingham said.

Jack allegedly told the Police he was exorcising a demon called “Dirty Dan” and offered his father the option of joining him in heaven.

“I believe he chose hell,” Callahan allegedly told cops.

Buckingham stated that Jack tracked his father, who had left a treatment center for alcoholism, to a Boston pub, but his mother advised him not to bring her ex-husband to her home.

Jack’s attorney said that a psychologist had determined that he was a threat to himself and requested that the judge order a competency evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital.

“He’s a very nice young man,” attorney Kevin Reddington said, adding that Callahan had no prior criminal record.

“He comes from a wonderful family … My client had a concern for his father, knowing that he would be drinking and knowing that he shouldn’t be drinking.”

The judge denied the request and ordered Jack detained without bail on the murder charge.