May 19, 2022

This year, ‘Jeopardy!’ has had seven guest hosts who had tried their knack at hosting the famous game show. Since November 2020, when Alex Trebek’s died, seven people have been invited as guests to host “Jeopardy!, giving the fans a different view of the well-loved TV show. Among the invited were TV personalities, former champions, and athletes. At least nine more personalities will be joining the list of hosts until August.

Among the seven guest hosts, the highest and lowest ratings on TV viewership were released. According to Hollywood Reporter, the ratings are determined by Nielsen, which calculated them based on a sample of 40,000 homes and about 100,000 people that are demographically representative of the population as a whole. A rating shows the percentage of that group that was tuned in to the program.

Ken Jennings, has emerged as the guest host champion, as he was also the most successful contestant in “Jeopardy!” history. Next TV reported that Jenning’s first week hosting the show in January led to a 6.2 rating from Nielsen. Sports Illustrated reported that Jennings averaged a 6.0 over his six weeks hosting the show from January 11 to February 19.

Mike Richards hosted following Jennings and maintained the strong ratings. Richards is an executive producer of the show. The Wrap reported that he had an average 5.9 in rating.

Aaron Rodgers, a Green Bay Packers quarterback, garnered a lot of social media positive feedback from his two-week hosting stint in April, backed up by his TV ratings. According to TV News Check, he had a rating of 5.6 his first week, followed by a 5.5 the second.

TV journalist Katie Couric received an average rating of 5.5, similar to Rodgers.

The two lowest ratings were recorded for Dr. Oz and Anderson Cooper.

Dr. Oz’s received a strong disapproval from former game show contestants, who signed a petition against the controversial television doctor from hosting the show. Decider reported that Dr. Oz’s average rating was 5.1 over his two weeks on the show.

Anderson Cooper, a CNN Television host, received a rating of 5.1. It is the lowest debut rating among the seven guest hosts, The Wrap reported.