Tom Brady Admits He Wants to Break His Instagram Addiction

Tom Brady is not a man who has a lot of vices. He rarely drinks, with the notable exception of celebrating a Super Bowl triumph, and when he does, he has been known to beat the daylight and a horrible hangover in order to squeeze in a workout. Until 2018, the man had never eaten a strawberry.

However, in a new video interview with the Wall Street Journal, Brady stated that he would like to kick one bad habit: his Instagram addiction.

“I would break that endless Instagram scroll that just sucks up minutes and hours of my day; that would be the one thing that I would just [get rid of]?”

Consider the greatest quarterback ever to walk the Earth laying in bed, thumb passively motioning across the face of an iPhone, trapped in the same mesmerizing Instagram loop as the rest of the populace. Naturally, Brady’s Instagram experience is unique compared to that of the average user. Brady, like many others, is a fan of some of the world’s top athletes. However, Brady, unlike the rest, has genuine personal relationships with a few of these celebrities.

Brady is currently following 474 profiles on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, he began by following the story of his wife, Gisele. Brady quickly followed with brands to which he is closely associated — TB12 Sports, Under Armour, and Beats by Dre.

Brady’s list is rounded out by stars from across the sporting world, including current and former teammates Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Richard Sherman, and Randy Moss; NBA stars LeBron James and Chris Paul; golfers Rory McIlroy, Ricky Fowler, Brooks Koepka, and Bryson DeChambeau; and soccer standouts David Beckham and Harry Kane.

Given the popularity of these sportsmen, it’s probable that the Instagram feed Brady is scrolling through and the stories he is viewing are similar to what sports fans who follow their favorite athletes see on a daily basis.