May 16, 2022

Tom Cruise, 59, stunned some hikers in England’s Lake District when his chopper landed near their walking trail. Cruise evacuated the helicopter alongside a few other passengers and then parachuted from a nearby cliff. The actor was rehearsing for a stunt.

The hikers told The Sun they were “totally flabbergasted” by the meeting. “I certainly wasn’t expecting to bump into Tom Cruise during my hike,” said Andras Katica.

“But he was really friendly and offered to have his picture taken. He looked like he was having a great time but was also clearly involved in some serious work for the filming,” said the hiker.

Cruise, who is infamous for performing nearly all of his own stunts regardless of how dangerous they are, is presently filming “Mission Impossible 7” in several places throughout Europe.

“By the time he parachuted away, there was a little crowd gathered, but Tom didn’t show any sign of nerves. He obviously loves the thrill of being involved in his own stunts,” Katica continued.

Cruise recently made a family’s day by landing his chopper in their garden.


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According to BBC News, the actor required a location for his helicopter and chose Alison Webb’s Warwickshire yard. Not only did Cruise had picture with Webb’s husband and children, but he also had a pilot fly the family to a meeting.

Webb told the BBC that she received a call from a “VIP who was running late” in need of a spot to land due to the closure of the local airport.

“I thought it would be kind of cool for the kids to see the helicopter land in the garden,” she stated. “[Tom Cruise] basically arrived and got out and it was like ‘Wow.'”

Webb explained, “He went straight over to the children for a chat, then came over and elbow bumped us and said thank you very much. Then he said if the kids would like, they could go up in the helicopter.”

“It turned out to be an incredible day,” she excitedly shared. “It was surreal; I still can’t believe it happened.”