May 19, 2022

Senate: To Finalize Bill On Anti-Asian Hate Crimes; Jennifer Lopez Calls Off Engagement; Anthony Davis Okay To Return To Practice; 8 Dead In FedEx Facility Shooting; Protests Held After Release Of Adam Toledo Video

Senate: To Finalize Bill On Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Next Week


With the rising number of assaults and crimes against Asian Americans, the Senate plans to vote on a bill that will finally address hate crimes. On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that members of the Senate voted to advance the legislation and will be making the decision next week. Both Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are reportedly negotiating the number of amendments that will be considered for the legislation. 

In his speech on the Senate floor, Schumer said that he expects to “figure out an appropriate number of reasonable, germane, non-gotcha amendments for the Senate to consider” with the Republican leader.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 92 to 6 to open debate on the bill. As a result of this, the federal government’s response would be expedited to address hate crimes committed against Asian Americans. At the same time, it would solidify guidance for state and local governments that are reporting on hate crimes. 

Even though there were some concerns raised by Republicans, the Senate leadership was able to reach an agreement for GOP lawmakers to advance the bill in place of votes on specific amendments. 

The concerns raised by other Senate members are being addressed by Schumer in a “very bipartisan way.” The leader expects that they will be able to wrap up the bill next week. 

The call to pass the bill comes at a time of rising discrimination and violence against Asians due to the pandemic. Just last month, there were mass shootings reported in the Atlanta area which killed a total of eight people. Among the victims, six were Asian women. In addition to this, there has been a significant rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in the past year alone. 

Before meeting with members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus on Thursday, President Joe Biden spoke to reporters and said he was “very heartened” with the Senate’s vote on Wednesday to advance the legislation. 

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Call Off Engagement


After trying to work through their issues, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have officially broken up. 

The decision was announced on Thursday morning in a joint statement issued by the couple and shared with a publication. 

The statement shared:

“We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for each other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have is to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support.” 

The break-up comes after the couple’s previous announcement that they were “working through some things.” This was the couple’s way of addressing the reports that they had ended their engagement back in March. 

Back then, a source close to the couple said that they “never officially broke up and talked about it but are still together.” The source also shares that the two have hit a rough patch but they have not decided to break up. 

Since Lopez, 51, is working in the Dominican Republic to film Shotgun Wedding, it’s tough for the couple to see each other and work through things. Rodriguez, 45, is in Miami. 

When news about the breakup first emerged in March, Rodriguez immediately flew to the Dominican Republic so he could spend time with his fiance. The two were said to be “doing everything they can to prioritize their relationship.”

A source shared that Rodriguez made a big effort to spend some time with Lopez since he wants her to be happy. When Rodriguez arrived, Lopez was “excited to see him in person.” 

After two years of dating, the couple got engaged in the Bahamas in March 2019. With the pandemic, Lopez had to postpone their wedding twice. 

In an interview with Elle, Lopez shared: “We postponed the wedding twice. We had planned what we really, really wanted to do, [but] I don’t know if we’ll be able to re-create that.” 

After canceling the wedding, the couple did not talk about it anymore. 

“There’s no rush. We want to do it right when we can do it.”

LA Lakers’ Anthony Davis Gets Okay To Return To Practice


Good news to all who have been waiting for Los Angeles Lakers star, Anthony Davis, to return to the game! 

Coach Frank Vogel spoke to the media on Thursday and revealed that Davis has been cleared for full-contact practice. However, his return to game action remains impending. 

For those who can recall, Davis, 28, left the lineup two months ago after encountering a calf strain and tendinosis on his right leg. On Thursday’s game against the Boston Celtics, Davis sat out and witnessed the loss. 

But while this is good news, Vogel shares that Davis is “unlikely” to play in the upcoming two-game set against the Utah Jazz. These two games are scheduled for Saturday and Monday. 

When asked if Davis could make a return against Utah, the coach said that it is “not out of the question.”

According to the coach, Davis needs to be eased back slowly into the routine he had before his February 14 accident. During a game against the Denver Nuggets, Davis planted his foot wrong, which caused the injury. 

“Whenever it is that he returns, it’s not going to be a full return to playing 30-something minutes a night,” says the coach. “Especially with the nature of practice and how shorthanded we are, he’s going to have to use some games to try to get himself back in shape. So the first two games he’s back will likely be short-minute performances.”

The coach said that he would be strict in easing Davis back into the game by limiting his playing time to around 15 minutes. 

When asked about Davis’s opinion, Vogel shared that he (Davis) is “eager to get back out.” 

The coach shared that Davis is “tired of being a patient and ready to be a player again. So he’s eager to get to work in real practice the next few days — live work — and even more eager to get back on the floor, and obviously that’s going to give our whole group a big lift.”

Right now, we can expect to see Dennis Schroder replace Davis on Thursday’s game against Boston. 


8 Found Dead In FedEx Facility Shooting, Gunman Kills Self


A new shooting has taken place at a FedEx facility situated in Indianapolis late Thursday. According to police, at least eight people were brutally killed after a gunman opened fire inside the facility. 

The police shared that the suspected gunman shot himself too. 

Several other individuals were transported to nearby hospitals after encountering injuries connected to the shooting. 

Police spokeswoman Officer Genae Cook spoke to reporters and told them that the incident was reported shortly after 11 p.m. When officers arrived at the FedEx facility, there was still an active shooter insider. 

After conducting a search, the officers found eight individuals who were killed with gunshot wounds they sustained from the incident. They also found the gunman dead at the scene after he shot himself. 

The eight victims do not include the gunman yet. 

Right now, the police have not released the identity of the gunman and whether or not he has been named already. 

According to the spokeswoman, it is still too early to tell if the gunman was an employee of the facility. A motive for the shooting remains unclear. 

Police are currently conducting an investigation. 

In a statement, FedEx said that they are “aware of the tragic shooting at our FedEx Ground facility near the Indianapolis airport.”

“Safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected. We are working to gather more information and are cooperating with investigating authorities.”

An unnamed witness came forward and said that while working inside the facility, he heard gunshots. When he looked up, he saw the active shooter and hid after hearing him fire several more bullets. 

The witness was able to run out of the building and saw another person lying on the ground. 

This is just one of the series of mass shootings that took place in recent weeks. Last April 8, there was a shooting at a cabinet company facility located in Bryan, Texas. This incident left one individual dead and five others with injuries. 

Small Protests Held After Release Of Adam Toledo Video


Shortly after the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) released videos of the shooting of Adam Toledo, small protests were held around Chicago on Thursday night. 

Days before the release, the Chicago Police and city alderman prepared for any possible civil unrest due to the nature of the shooting. This is an attempt to avoid last summer’s riots that took place in the police killing of George Floyd. 

After bodycam footage of the police officer who shot Toledo was released, a small crowd gathered at Millennium Park to hold a press conference. The group also marched on Michigan Avenue to show their protest against the killing. 

At the Chicago Police Headquarters on Michigan Avenue, another group held a rally led by activist Ja’Mal Green. The group had an attendance of around 30 individuals. 

“Today, we stand in solidarity to say we have to protect our children all over this city,” Green spoke to the crowd. “They want to talk about all of these circumstances but the actually [sic] circumstance we need to talk about — this was a victim of police brutality.”

Because of possible unrest in the area, some employees based in the Central Business District were sent home early. 

In the afternoon, Mayor Lori Lightfoot emotionally encouraged the public to view the video with peace, empathy, and calmness. 

The mayor is quoted saying: “As more people see this footage, I want to ask that everyone tuning in right now to think first and foremost of Adam Toledo and what his family is enduring every single day since they’ve learned of his passing.”

Toledo was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer identified as Eric Stillman in the early hours of March 29. A ShotSpotter called officers to the Little Village neighborhood on the Southwest Side after reports of gunfire. 

The bodycam footage of Officer Stillman shows Toledo possibly holding a gun and dropping it behind a fence before he slightly turned towards the officer with his hands in the air. 

Toledo was shot once in the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.