May 18, 2022

Police Mock Arrest Of Woman With Dementia; West Virginia Giving Savings Bond as Incentive; Anthony Hopkins-Best Actor Award; Chicago Mayor Starts City Beautification Plan; Chicago P.D. Says Viral Tweet Is “Manipulated”.  

US Police Officers Recorded Mocking Arrest Of Woman With Dementia

Police officers from the US were recorded mocking a woman with dementia as they reviewed body camera footage of her arrest last year. The video was recently released by the lawyer of Karen Garner, 73, who was arrested on June 26 last year for walking out of a Walmart store in Colorado without paying for $13 worth of items. 

The body camera footage shows the arrest of Garner, wherein she obtained a fractured elbow and a dislocated shoulder. The footage, released on Monday, was taken from the police station’s booking area on the day of Garner’s arrest. The footage reveals the officers giving each other a fist bump and even joking about hearing the frail woman’s shoulder pop. An officer can also be heard saying: “I love it.” 

The incident launched an investigation into the arrest made by the Loveland Police Department.” Attorney Sarah Schielke, Garner’s lawyer, has filed a federal lawsuit against the department. According to the lawyer, the officers violently assaulted the woman and violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

After her arrest, the officers kept Garner handcuffed to a bench for six hours without providing medical help. This led Garner to feel confused and cry in pain. In a statement to the press, the lawyer shared that the police officers “failed Karen Garner. They failed the community. And they did it all on camera.” 

Meanwhile, police chief Robert Ticer pledged full transparency into the inquiry. The Larimer County district attorney is also investigating the use of force against Garner’s arrest. An officer involved in the arrest has been placed on administrative leave, two others have been moved to administrative duties. 

The body camera footage of Garner’s arrest stirred public outcry after it was released earlier this month. After failing to stop Garner from leaving a supermarket with $13.38 worth of merchandise, she is thrown to the ground and handcuffed. Police officers also shoved her on the bonnet of the police car and had her legs tied up with a hobble. She left the premises bleeding. 

According to Garner’s daughter-in-law, Shannon Steward, the arrest worsened her dementia. “She hasn’t come back the way she was before. It was too much.” 

West Virginia: To Give $100 Savings Bond To Residents Who Get A Vaccine


If you need more convincing that you should get a COVID-19 vaccine, West Virginia will be giving $100 savings bonds to those who get a shot. The announcement, made by Governor Jim Justice on Monday, targets individuals in the 16 to 35-year-old age group. 

Looking at the population, around 380,000 West Virginians fit that age group. Although several have already gotten at least one shot, it still isn’t enough to get the rest vaccinated. Gov. Justice revealed that “they’re not taking the vaccines as fast as we’d like them to take them.”

The Republican governor announced this at a news conference. The public official revealed that the money for the savings bonds will be taken from federal funds from the CARES Act. The governor believes that he was able to vet the scenario in every possible way that he could. In doing, so, the governor can ensure that the unconventional use of the funds would be permitted. 

As for those who have already obtained a vaccine, the governor shares that they still have access to the bonds. Anyone in the announced age group will have access to the savings bonds. 

The decision to offer $100 savings bonds to this certain age group is to encourage them to get a vaccine. In doing so, the governor believes that this will help stop the COVID-19 virus “dead in its tracks.” When everyone gets a vaccine, the governor believes that everyone can start to remove the masks and the hospitalizations will go away too. And in effect, there will be a minimal death toll. 

When the vaccination efforts started earlier this year, West Virginia stood out for successfully vaccinating its residents. It was also able to administer the second dose to more of its population compared to any other state. 

But now, the state has fallen behind. A database that tracks vaccinations reveals that West Virginia is ahead of only nine states for its number of residents with a first dose. By offering the savings bond to its young residents, Gov. Justice believes that they could “always stand an extra dose of patriotism.” 

The savings bond can be retrieved by the recipient at a later date and will come with interest. The governor says that “I hope that you keep it for a long, long, long time.”

Anthony Hopkins Wins Best Actor Award, Honors Chadwick Boseman In Speech

Anthony Hopkins won this year’s Best Actor award at the Oscars. However, fans of Chadwick Boseman criticized the decision. The late actor also received a nomination for the award. 

Many called the win “racist” and felt that the Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom star was “robbed” of the award. Unfortunately, this is an opportunity that Boseman will never have once again since it is the last movie the actor starred in before his untimely death in August 2020. 

The Oscars this year were held as a closed event where the attendees could attend unmasked. Hopkins, however, did not accept the award in person. Instead, the 83-year-old The Father actor thanked his supporters via a video recorded from his hometown, Wales. In the video, Hopkins paid his respect to the much-loved Black Panther actor. 

The video, available on Hopkins’ Instagram account, pays tribute to Boseman “who was taken from us far too early.” The actor also shared that he did not expect the win, but he feels “very privileged and honored.”

Many couldn’t help but think this year’s Oscars were rigged, especially since the Best Actor award was presented last in the event. In previous years, the last award is usually the Best Picture. Viewers couldn’t help but feel like the show was building up to the win of the late actor. 

Fans turned to social media to express their disappointment and dismay. They believe that the Academy’s decision was wrong and that they felt betrayed.

Others, however, used the platform to highlight the character and the achievements of Boseman. In one Instagram post, Boseman’s co-star in Black Panther, Danai Gurira, referred to Boseman as “a pure-hearted, profoundly generous, regal, fun guy.” Gurira shared that Boseman was a real-life kind king just as his T’Challa character in the movie, which gave him success. 

Other than Black Panther and the Avengers series, Boseman starred in 21 Bridges.

The Academy Awards ceremony will be auctioning off a Chadwick Boseman NFT artwork for $1.2 million. Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Colon Cancer Foundation in memory of the late actor, who quietly battled with the disease for four years. 


Chicago Mayor Launches City Beautification Plan

The city of Chicago has just launched its five-year plan to rebuild infrastructure. Mayor Lori Lightfoot led the launch of the first phase of the project on Monday, which will create massive jobs for residents. chicago-works-capital-plan

According to the reveal, the plan will have a positive effect across the 77 neighborhoods of Chicago. It will cost $3.7 billion to complete. The endeavor will bring in a lot of construction crews over the spring and summer. 

During the launch, the mayor gave a welcome by saying that it is a “phenomenal day in our city.” Lightwood was with city department heads and the other elected officials in launching the new “Chicago Works Capital Plan.” The mayor believes this is a big help to modernize the infrastructure of the city. 

The mayor shares that the project’s goal is to “address neglected infrastructure through a data-driven needs approach.” Some of the projects will focus on repairing or replacing bridges, as well as resurfacing streets.

The project also aims to improve drainage by creating green alleys. The project will also replace street lights and repair sidewalks to improve accessibility and safety. There will also be 24 new streetscape projects that will be implemented to make neighborhoods more beautiful. Lastly, the plan will address the neglected neighborhoods on the West and South sides, and even downtown Chicago. 

The mayor shares that the plan will address a “decades-long backlog of infrastructure needs.” Through this project, thousands of residents will be able to get employment with “well-paying jobs.” Hopefully, the project will produce a ripple effect with union-wage jobs that will include benefits, especially since most of the work will require staff to be residents of the city. 

According to Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership’s Karin Norrington Reeves’ data, every 100 construction workers that will be employed will produce another 226 jobs to support the role. And this is a supply chain that they wish to achieve with this plan. 

To make sure that the projects will be completed, the mayor says that she will be assigning people in her office and the city government to monitor the contractors that will be working on them. 

Chicago Police Department Says Viral Photo Is “Manipulated”


The Chicago Police Department has slammed a tweet that has gone viral on social media. The CPD says the image was “manipulated” and has reported this to Twitter. Days after their statement, the photo continues to circulate on social media and remain on the platform. This caused the department to address the issue in another tweet. 

According to the CPD’s official Twitter account, the image is “synthetic and manipulated” and that it is “antithetical to our values.” Not only that, it reflects “the very worst of disinformation on social media.” The police department shares that it puts a risk to their officers and communities “by widening the gap in trust” that they are already “working so hard to build, bridge and restore.”

The message shared is the department’s response to an image that has been circulating since Saturday morning. The photo shows a screenshot of a tweet that the CPD sent out with a picture of Derek Chauvin in his trial, along with a caption that reads: “We are all Derek Chauvin.” Ever since the photo was posted on the social media site, it has been retweeted over 50,000 times. 

Later in the day, Chicago police reported the tweet to Twitter. But they received a response from the social media platform that they had reviewed the content. Twitter also didn’t find a violation of its policies and has decided not to take further action “at this time.” 

In a statement, the department implied that it did not post the tweet that was captured in the screenshot. They also have not issued any reaction with regards to Chauvin’s verdict on their Twitter account. 

The account that reposted the viral screenshot of the possibly fake tweet has responded to the CPD. In his apology, the user said that he saw the picture “floating around and reposted it” because the description fits the officers pretty well. The user also mentions that he is a “really good guy” and that he has “cop friends.” 

Despite this apology, the user’s tweet with the fake screenshot remains on his Twitter account. Right now, there is no word on where the image originated.